If you run any type of local or online business and you want more sales, leads and more people coming to your shop, then there is no better way to market your business than facebook ads. Going back few years, Facebook was just a social media tool for a business, now it is “THE BUSINESS”. If you are not advertising on Facebook every day of the year, you are literally losing money on the table.

We started an online store back in 2015. It was a niche based store, means we only had one type of product. We started with different means of online advertisement and were not satisfied with the results and decided to try Facebook ads.

In few short months, we crossed almost $8,000 on advertisement spent on Facebook and generated approximately 1 crore in sales. Once you understand Facebook ads, it is like a money machine for your business. Every day you spend a selected budget on ads and generate x amount in sales. It’s just like a math equation:

Facebook ads = Sales

Or better:

Facebook ads + optimization = More sales at less cost

Myth #1 – It is all about Ads

When people run ads they think that magically everything will go in order and they will make sales. It is rarely the case. For an ecommerce business, ads will do only 60% of the work, the other 40% are product, pricing, image, time, promotion and design. Sales will not happen if you have a crappy product, or a good product but bad picture or a good picture but bad pricing. Taking care of both the 60% (facebook ads) + 40% (product etc) will generate sales 24/7 for your online store.

Myth #2 – Boost posts are Facebook ads

Ask someone, do you run Facebook ads? Most of them will say, yes I do boosting.

I Mean, seriously?

Boosting is just 1 objective of Facebook ads, also known as page post engagement (PPE). If you are only boosting your posts with no targeting that is another big killer. Take the time to setup your ad account, create a proper page post engagement ad, setup targeting and run ads.

Myth #3 – Traffic objective for sales

If you want sales, don’t tell Facebook to send traffic. Setup pixels on your ad account by going here: https://facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel. Create pixels and deploy them on your online store. Make sure you deploy all pixels, most importantly: view content – Add to cart – Purchase. Once you setup your pixels, instead of running traffic objective (Which is a waste of money) tell Facebook what you want. Do you want sales? Setup conversion objective inside Facebook ads manager and select “Purchase” as your pixel. Now Facebook will try to send people who are more likely to purchase on your website. Trust their data.

By Shoaib Ahmed

By Shoaib Ahmed

Founder, IDMPakistan

Shoaib is the founder of IDMPakistan. He have over 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. In his career of digital marketing, he have launched multiple businesses, consulted clients in Pakistan, USA and Turkey and authored a book published on Amazon.