How good would that be if you could watch Facebook videos without using your data plan?

Well, Facebook will be rolling out a new feature called instant videos. This feature will download videos while you are connected to a Wi-Fi, so later on you can easily watch when you are offline inside Facebook app.

The question is, why Facebook is looking forward to launch Instant Videos.

The most important reason is Facebook realizes that its users consume videos more than any other form of content. So to potentially boost the video viewership and improve the user experience they believe that it should be easy to watch videos even if the user is offline.

By the way, you must have already heard of Facebook “Instant Articles” – the quick-loading articles and news – Just like that Facebook is doing the same for video content as well.

Caution though, it will definitely be eating up your smartphone’s storage and Facebook will be using the left-over storage to add random videos.