Ad extensions in Adwords have played a great role in increasing click-through-rates of ads. They typically provide more context and meaning than an ad with just title and description. Recently Google has announced that they have released 3 ad-extensions for call-only ads. The most interesting part is these ad extensions are not clickable as the only reason of call-only ads is to generate calls not clicks.

These 3 ad extensions are now available for call-only ads:

1) Location extensions
Using this extension the user will now know the location where they will be calling. It will display distance and other location details at the bottom of the ad.

2) Callout extensions
This extension is just like adding more description to your ad hence making it more appealing for your users to call you.

3) Structured snippets
Here you can mention the type of your product or service providing better context to the searchers.

10% increase in CTR has been noted on average when companies used these 3 ad extensions in their call-only ads.