The biggest mistake a business can make is to drive traffic to website’s homepage. Advertising is expensive and our job as a digital marketer is to make sure that we are producing positive ROAS (return on ad spent). For that to happen, you need to have a proper landing page that converts visitors into leads.

1) CTA Rule

The Call-to-action button should have a color that is not used anywhere on the landing page. So if your landing page background is grey, your text is black then your CTA button color should not be black or grey. The color of your CTA button can be yellow, red, green even black. The next step is to figure out the right location for your CTA button or form. It does matter if your CTA button is on the right side of the page or the left.









A lot of researches have already been done with the help of heatmaps and they figured out 2 patterns.

F Pattern For Landing Page

F Pattern design works very well when your page has too much text or information. However you can still design your landing page according to F-Pattern. The first area of focus of every visitor is top-left area of your landing page. So if you want to show them something important like a discount offer, limited time promotion, countdown or flash sale then you should put that information right below top-left area of your landing page.

Some examples that follow F-PATTERN and Z-PATTERN landing page design


















2) Header and Footer

The only goal of a landing page is to have the visitor submit his contact details. You don’t want your visitor to click on any other link on the landing page. Removing the header and footer have shown increase in the conversion rates of the landing pages. A perfect example is shared below where you will see no links in the header or footer section of the page









3) Easy To Remember URL

If you use any landing page application like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Unbounce or Instapage, you should always use your own custom domain name to host your landing page.

Instead of the following link:

You should use the following link:

Having a friendly and easy-to-remember landing page URL will provide better results as people can easily remember to come back to your landing page and fill out the form.

4) Headline and Sub-headline

The two most important parts of your landing page are:

  1. Headline
  2. Sub-headline
  3. And in some cases, pre-headline as well

The headline should be big enough, bold enough and persuasive enough to compel your visitor to provide his contact information in the form.

5) Face

We humans always look for faces. Wherever we are, our eyes are attracted to faces in real World. Use that biological hack in your landing pages. Make sure that you place a smiling human face above the fold in your landing page to achieve better conversion rates. Again, the following example is the best illustration for this point.









6) Borrow Trust

If you are a new brand and people don’t know you, then display logos of trusted companies that you are partner with. If you are advertising on Google, you can display the logo of Google saying “As seen on Google”. When people see the logo of “Google” they will associate that trust to your brand as well. Check the example below