To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.

The biggest nerve-wrecking problem for startups is improving their online sales. If there is no sale how will the business survive?

To deal with the problem, here are some tried and tested things which can improve your online sales in no-time. Not all of them will work for you, but surely some will boost your revenue and make you rich.

1- A personalized call-to-action

In an e-commerce website increasing sales is measured by conversion rate, and to increase the conversion rate it is important to meet the customer at the sweet spot: call-to-action button.

A simple Call-to-action (CTA) will tell the consumer to act. But a customized CTA will scream in a way that customer won’t even mind. A study of 93,000 CTAs done by HubSpot revealed that customizing the CTAs increased the sales to lead ratio  to around 42%.

For instance, by using email, you can direct the customers to a specific landing page which have products personalized for that customer.

Figure out where your users belong in your sales funnel so that you can tailor your CTAs to their needs. The idea is just to keep the customer journey in mind when designing your CTAs.

2- Write Clear Headlines

Whether it is headline for an article, a product page, or a landing page, it is something which people see first. The heading must capture the attention of the user and engage them to browse for more products. 

Before deciding the headline, make it run thought ShareThrough which makes it easy for you to create compelling headlines by analyzing the headline and suggest you make it better.

Ensure that the headline is clear and don’t consist of buzzwords. If you’re not getting clicks on your blog, try re-writing the headline and see its effect.

Boost the conversion on your landing page with an enticing headline.

3- Keep the navigation simple

Since you want your CTAs to focus on the customer, it is important to declutter your navigation menu so that the customers can browse the website easily. 

A clear navigation will help the customers to reach and buy from you without making much of an effort. The landing pages can improve your sales but at the same time it can also drive people away if the navigation is complex.

4- Text Near CTA button

At times we can’t even see the things which are right in front of us. This implies that even if you use a clear CTA button, if the text near the CTA is not clear, it will be ignored and missed out for sure.

It is one of the characteristics of a high-converting  call-to-action button that the text which surrounds it is crystal clear.

Address the pain point of the user and help them solve their problem.

Be deliberate when writing the text around CTAs of your pages and note the difference in conversion.

5- Pop-up offers are still alive

It is easy to imagine a pop-up banner which you usually close even before seeing what it says. But, when the pop-up banner is customized, offers a discount, or add some value to your shopping, you tend to click and see what it is offering.

Offer something relevant to your customer and they’ll love to click on the pop-up banner.

6- Use Whitespace smartly

Give the users enough whitespace to breath-in. Otherwise no matter how good the graphics are or how relevant the content is, it won’t affect the user at all.

Time after time it was concluded that giving enough whitespace among elements of your website makes it easy for the user to focus on the important stuff.

7- Forget the Stock Photos

It is about time that we say bye to the old stock photos. Previously, it was okay to use stock photos as there was not much awareness of the product and people were happy on receiving the product regardless of the pictures. 

But now people want to feel the product. And how can you create that feeling if it is a stock photo.

Use real people photos and original product photos. This will make a good impact on the user and force them to buy from you.

8- Readability Wins

Previously we have talked about the text near CTA. This point emphasis on the overall text of your website. If it is not readable, what is the point of putting the text out there.

Your text should persuade the user. The size of the text needs to be readable enough so that customers understand what you’re trying to say. When it comes to sizing 14 is the new size of text on the website and 16 is the size of each heading. Moreover, the spacing among each letter needs to be accurate.

9- Customer Satisfaction is the goal

If you just want one sure-shot tip to increase your online sales it is customer satisfaction.

It is a fool-proof method to entice customers to buy from you.

People can copy your idea, your pictures, and even your content. But what people cannot copy is the way you treat your customers.

It is solely up to you to deal with the customers in a way that they come again and again and can’t wait to refer you to their friends. 

10- Reason to buy

If you haven’t bought anything from Amazon imagine this. While on the shopping cart page you’ll get tons of add-ons and things like FREE shipping, and money back guarantee offers which make the customers trust on

Badges from PayPal and SSL certifications make it easy for customers to view your website as a trusted website.

Give them a solid reason to buy from you.

The above tips can surely maximize your online sales. Sometimes it will be call-to-action button, other times it will be using original photos of your products. There is no one sure-shot way to increase your sales. Try every tip mentioned in this blog and see what sticks for you.