Making sales while you sleep is great, but it’s usually impossible to grow a business to greater heights without giving potential customers a way to reach out to you via phone. Not only it increases the trust but it’s sometimes very crucial if your product is technical.

But how to generate phone calls from your potential customers? Imagine having so many calls that you have to hire someone to actually talk to your potential customers. Imagine talking 1-on-1 with your potential customers everyday. How much your business can grow? How many more sales you will be making?


Here’s what your process will look like:

Your potential customer will see your Facebook ad and click on the “Call Now” button and it will ring a bell on your office number.

How cool is that?

So how to do it? It’s very simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step #1 – Go to your FB ads manager

Click on the reach objective. You cannot create “Call Only” ads using any other objective.

Step #2 – Select your targeting and then select your CTA

Click on the “Call Now” button and then choose your number.

That’s it 🙂

Pro Tip: Make sure to run these ads once your potential customer has consumed some of your content and knows about your business and services.