When it comes to the opportunities are made available to Pakistanis in comparison to people of different nationalities from across the globe, it doesn’t take much for one to understand that the odds are rarely ever in favor of Pakistanis especially when it comes to things like exposure on a global level. However, a recent event that took place in the wake of 2018 has many people from the beloved land of Pakistan feeling excited and overwhelmed. The event is organized by the leading online video platform that is renowned for a variety of different reasons, YouTube.

This event itself is called YouTube Pulse. Although YouTube Pulse is not newly introduced, it is still the first time that Pakistanis have been included in it and if that isn’t cause for celebration, then we don’t know what is! Not only does this present the perfect opportunity for Pakistanis to hone their creativity, but it also offers recognition for the hard work put in by Pakistanis prior to this event particularly.

The event called upon some of the best digital agencies, content creators and similar people to hand them awards in respect to their hard work and achievements made on the online video platform.

A Brief Overview of YouTube Pulse

If you’ve never heard of YouTube Pulse before, rest assured that you’re not alone. To round it off, YouTube Pulse is an event that is hosted by the Sovereign of online video platforms, YouTube, itself. The purpose of the event is to give acknowledgement as well as recognition to advertisers and agencies that have utilized YouTube in the most innovative manners. YouTube Pulse has long been happening in several different countries across the globe, and just recently, the video streaming giant just came to Pakistan to recognize all the efforts put in by Pakistani Vloggers, advertising agencies, and much more.

The reason why YouTube Pulse 2018 was one event that has been making headlines since the wake of 2018 is because they included a lot of different countries to give them the much deserved recognition. The countries included Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. All three countries had increased the statistics to ensure that they were in the same game as the rest of the countries from all across the globe. There were many notable statistics that were presented at YouTube Pulse.

Statistics Were Unleashed

Through the duration of the event, many statistics were unleashed which showed how Pakistani’s had intensely utilized the website and application to ensure that they remained on top of the game. The statistics also shed light on the statistics of YouTube utilization in countries other than Pakistan, such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Some of the statistics were as follows:

  • YouTube is the preferred online video platform for 64 percent of Pakistanis
  • 80 percent of online millennials access YouTube in metropolitan cities of Pakistan
  • 78 percent of users in Pakistan say YouTube is their first choice when streaming videos
  • 73 percent of monthly reach of Pakistani internet users
  • 650+ channels with more than 100,000+ subscribers in Pakistan alone, which is a remarkable 80x improvement from just 3 years ago when the count was down to 8 channels
  • 50 percent users in Pakistan watch YouTube advertisements and consider them to be more helpful and useful than advertisements on television
  • 68 percent of YouTube users go to YouTube when reviewing product or to access brand info
  • 8M use internet via mobile – 21 percent of pop
  • 40 percent of Pakistanis who use both YouTube and TV think the brands endorsed on YouTube are much more credible than the ones shown on TV
  • 44.6M internet users – 27% YoY growth

These statistics go to show that Pakistanis are improving their standards by all means, with more and more Pakistanis making it a point to show their country in a positive light as opposed to the depiction that is given on media news channels across the globe. With so many different opportunities lined up for Pakistanis in particular, there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that there’s a lot that can be expected from Pakistanis from across the nation.

As a matter of fact, the amount of people who use the internet belong to the rural areas of Pakistan as well, which is definitely proof of the fact that Pakistanis have great things planned for the near future. Not just that, the statistics are also proof of the fact that there are tons more things to come, with content creators along the lines of Irfan Junejo already being present at the YouTube Pulse event.

What’s truly incredible is the fact that as a nation, Pakistanis have worked very hard to get where they are today because a decade ago, things wouldn’t have worked out in the same manner despite all the contributions made by Pakistanis on a regular basis. Today, organizations from all around the world give Pakistanis the individualistic respect that they have worked hard to attain.

Awards Given at YouTube Pulse

While there were several other advertisers and organizations that won awards at the event, one specific creative agency stood out the most. Creative and Media agency Olive Digital and their brand Goto Pakistan won the award for YouTube Ads Leader for 2018 with their creative, fun and enjoyable YouTube advertisement titled Kia Pakistan India per Baazi Lay Gaya? The advertisement was a fun take on the whole subject and garnered over 6.8 million views which is definitely something to be proud of.

Moreover, with the continuous growth and rise of Pakistanis, there’s no doubt in our minds that the country has a lot more awards to bring home in categories that they were never given recognition for before. This has been an uplifting experience and hopefully, this won’t be the last time.

Syed Sayem Mustafa is a certified digital marketer working as head of digital marketing at Goto.com.pk and also a lead trainer at IDMPakistan. He carries various digital marketing certificates including including Google Adwords Search and Display Advertising Certification, Bing Ads Certification, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, Youtube Digital Citizen Ship Certification, Google Advance Power Searching and Mircosoft Digital Advertising Certification.