Honestly, referring it to a “million-dollar question” would be absolutely justified. Welcome to 2019, a year in which the growth rate of the digital economy is expected to surpass the U.S. GDP by three times. If you really want a career in a rapidly expanding industry which is full of competition-savvy marketing ninjas having an insatiable drive to learn and get better with every single day, rest assured, you are at the right place.

Why Learning Digital Marketing is Important in 2019?

When was the last time you took a selfie and posted it on any of your social media accounts? Do you remember roughly how much time it’s been that you retweeted a useful video, link or any digital material in your feed? It’s for sure that you are not only getting the meanings of the questions posed above but also nodding your head while recalling the answer. There you go, you are a digital marketer!

With that being the very first step to getting used to digital marketing, let’s find out why learning digital marketing is important in 2019:

– Global Outreach: It lends wings to your business so that you can trade globally.

– Cost Effective: A well-formulated marketing campaign with lower cost can reach out to the target market and can do wonders.

– Power of Analytics: The web-analytics play a vital role in plotting a clear image of the statistics related to your business, thus giving you a complete insight.

– Targeting Organic Visitors: If you have a website where visitors come looking to buy a product, you can convert them by offering several similar products thus trapping them by getting to know about the type of items they are interested in.

– Creating Brand Awareness: Giving birth to “start-ups”, digital marketing helps in creating brand awareness by reaching out to such audiences who are in search of novelty.

Career Options in Digital Marketing?

With every business gone digital, the traditional ways to reach out to the customers have become obsolete. It’s the dawn of the new age in which only that business is meant to survive which has a formidable digital image. And who creates and maintains the digital image? A well-experienced and sharply analytical digital marketer does.

A digital marketer can assume the following roles in the industry:

  1. PPC Manager.
  2. SEO Manager.
  3. Content Manager.
  4. Online Trading Manager.
  5. Digital Product Owner.
  6. Social Media Manager.
  7. E-Commerce Lead.
  8. Digital Acquisition Lead.
  9. UX Designer.
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization Manager.

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

There is no shortcut to success. Before this statement plunges your mind into a swamp full of negative thoughts, focus on reading what exactly are those key factors which many wannabee marketers ignore and they end up miserably.

Earlier in the formative years of the field of digital marketing, the marketing aspirants couldn’t find much online due to the scarcity of material. Comes 2019 and there are thousands of resources which you can use to equip yourself with some basic knowledge but the question remains, “How to decide if a certain course created by a self-proclaimed marketing guru is steering you in the right direction?”

Now that’s a question, the answer to which we cannot ascertain. What we can offer you, is something of value and of substance with a guarantee of getting placement soon after course completion. We are talking about a comprehensive 5-Months Digital Marketing Training Program being offered by the Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan. After getting enrollment in this program, you will be taught online via LIVE instructor-led lectures, complete A-to-Z digital marketing by the industry leading marketers and expert trainers.

Bear in mind that it’s not a video recorded kind of course rather you will be learning in a live environment where the instructor will be interacting with you live. This program has been designed to cater for the needs of the growing marketing industry by providing well-trained digital marketing experts in generating sales by growing traffic, thus eventually increasing the revenues.

Why walk away when there’s a head-turner program just a couple of clicks away which can change your entire life ahead? Get yourself enrolled for a trial class and experience the wonders being offered by the dazzling world of Digital Marketing.