Twitter is indeed, a super-effective marketing platform. Having over 60% of the users following the small and medium-sized business enterprises, there is no denial in admitting that companies actually find Twitter ads, generating growth by converting visitors to potential customers. At this point, you might be wondering, “How advertising works on Twitter?” In order to create ad campaigns on Twitter, all you need is a Twitter account for your business where you keep tweeting random stuff ranging from the launch of your first product to milestone achievements. Remember the Falcon Heavy Launch posted on the SPACEX twitter account by Elon Musk?  

Well, time to return to earth champ! So, in order to advertise on Twitter, you should complement your organic efforts with paid promotional options which are already made available by Twitter. Within a really small budget, you can reach out to those people who don’t yet follow your business’s page.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ads Creation on Twitter:

Let’s kickstart an interesting journey to learn and master the basic steps to set-up Twitter ads by using the best possible ad structure for your campaign.

1)Make a Choice Between “Twitter Ads” & Promote Mode”


Promote vs ads analytics


Running Twitter ads refers to a full-fledged marketing campaign where you can use multiple tweets to project your brand to create outreach awareness and lead generation. On the contrary, if you choose to go with “promote mode”, it’ll aim to show your tweets on Twitter streams or search results of a specific group. The question here arises, how to choose between these two?

The answer is quite simple. If your only aim is to get visitors on your web page, promoted tweets might be the best option in this case. You are charged with a small fee for promotions for as long as you intend to promote a tweet. This option is good for gaining focused exposure on a particular side of your business. If you are looking to enhance your follower base, Twitter Ads tend to add that amount of gunpowder which is needed to boost your business to a whole new level.


2)Choose an Objective for Your Twitter Ads


choose objective


The very next step is to pick out an objective for your Twitter Ads campaign. You can choose from a list of eight self-explanatory objectives: 

  • App Installs.
  • Tweet Engagements.
  • Followers.
  • Promoted Video Views.
  • Website Clicks or Conversions.  
  • App Re-Engagements.
  • Awareness.

In-stream Video Views.


3)Input the Details of Your Ad Campaign


Input the Details of Your Ad Campaign

Once you have chosen an objective for your ads campaign, you will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to fill in some details about the campaign such as: 

  • Name of your ads campaign.
  • Starting date.
  • Ending date.
  • Campaign’s total budget.


Remember, this step has a close connection with step 2. With every objective you select, there will be different kinds of questions respectively. Moving down to deciding the total budget for your campaign, it’s for you to decide the daily budget and a tentative overall budget. Each day, Twitter will charge the daily amount you have set at a specific cadence.


4)Creating Ad Groups Within Your Campaign


Creating Ad Groups Within Your Campaign


For multi-level ad marketing, creating ad groups within your campaigns is a unique feature. For starters, the ad groups are individual groups having a defined range of their own budget, start and end date, audiences and etc, but they are grouped together to operate under the umbrella of a much larger campaign. While creating ad groups, there is an option labelled as “Bid Type”. The purpose of this option is to facilitate the bidding on promoted content. There are three ways to bid for a placement:

  • Automatic Bid.
  • Maximum Bid.
  • Target Bid.

5)Selecting Your Target Audience

Selecting Your Target Audience


The moment you hit a button labelled as “Targeting”, you are about to set the parameters related to the audience whom you want to target. Do some research before selecting a group of audience and don’t take a leap of faith just because you “think” your selected audience will be interested in what you have to offer. Always customize the parameters mentioned below to reach out to the maximum people who are searching for what you are offering: 

  • Gender.
  • Age.
  • Location.
  • Language.
  • Device.
  • Audience Features.

 Other than these parameters, you can always reach out to people who are tweeting or searching using a target keyword. Set that target and your ads will show in those feeds where the same target keyword is being searched or tweeted about.


 6)Selecting Creatives for Your Campaign


Selecting Creatives for Your Campaign


Finally, this is probably the last step after which, you will be able to launch the campaign. With every campaign, you want to run on Twitter, you’ll need to select a few tweets from a given list under the “Creatives” tab. These tweets are referred to as creatives and run with each ad group. You can either choose from a list of tweets that appear or simply create new tweets and select them once you’ve created them.

After selecting creatives, review the campaign and once you have ensured there are no errors in the campaign or it requires no further modifications, hit the “Launch Campaign” button and wait to see the wonders.


6)How to Promote a Tweet on Twitter?

Twitter is rather a straightforward platform where you can easily promote your tweet by following four simple steps.

promoting tweet p1promoting tweet p2


  • Go to “View Tweet Activity” which can be accessed at the bottom of any tweet.
  • Hit “Promote Your Tweet”.
  • Choose target parameters including, location, country, state, religion, and area.
  • Specify budget and promote the tweet.