Muhammad Naeem

Muhammad Naeem

IT professionals

Q1: Please tell us about yourself ?
A1 :I am a IT professional and working in the industry from last 8 to 10 years.. 

Q2: Why you decided to pick IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A2. :   +923112203289

Q3: How has your journey been with IDMPakistan? Please share your experience?
A3: I have learnt a lot from IDM trainers, they are very experienced and professionals. I like the way of training & use of technology is very much impressive for me.

Q4: Please rate IDMPakistan on a scale from 1 to 10
A4 : 10/10

Q5: Will you recommend IDMPakistan to others?
A5 : Yes, Offcourse

Q6: Please describe IDMPakistan is one line?
 A6.:  IDM team is very professional & very cooperative in any manner. I like their efforts & support to all students/trainees.