Gear up guys because we are about to discuss the hottest topic in the world of Digital Marketing. Before directly jumping to it, we guess you have watched a couple of videos on YouTube today. Next time you watch a video on YouTube, do check out the total views on that video as well. Welcome to the 21st century which is full of opportunities which allow you to earn handsome amounts on shooting quality content in the form of a video and upload it for the viewers to watch and enjoy. More the viewers, more the money.

Now, let’s talk about YouTube, as a great marketing tool. Initially, it was just an entertainment platform where you could watch your favorite movie clips, listen to songs and where your kids could watch their favorite cartoons. Over the years, YouTube evolved and now it has become one of the greatest marketing platforms out there. It has uplifted the standards of quality content and nowadays, the audience turns to YouTube even if someone’s planning to buy a cell-phone. Any Youtuber out there must’ve published a video review of the phone which you are considering, why not take advantage of it?

Over a billion active users on YouTube, it’s been reported that one-third of the total time people spend online, involves watching videos on YouTube. Apart from being a great source of entertainment, you’ll be amazed to know that it’s the second largest search engine, after Google. There is no denial in the fact that the extent of awareness a YouTube channel can create for your brand, can be overwhelming. The question arises, “how can I create my own channel on YouTube?” Well, that’s what we are here for! In this resourceful blog, we will teach you exactly how you can create the next million-dollar worth of a YouTube channel, just within a matter of a few clicks.

Steps to Create a YouTube Channel:

Grab a pack of popcorns because you are embarking on a journey full of interesting twists and turns. Before diving in, let’s inform you that maintaining a YouTube channel, requires time and planning. You keep adding these two ingredients, your channel will keep generating hefty revenues.

Another most important point to ponder upon is, YouTube hosts video content exclusively. It’s like the main crux of YouTube. Don’t create a channel if you plan to upload just a couple of videos and expect the audience to go gaga over it. If your content is great, it’ll attract the audience itself. For that to happen, you’ll have to dedicate plenty of time for planning, shooting and uploading more and more videos.

1)Create a Google Account:


creating google account


Since you know that YouTube is owned by Google, you’ll have to sign-up for a Google account which will later help you in setting up your YouTube channel. At this point, you’ll have to create a common Google account because you might have to share the details further as well. To do this, simply visit Google and complete the sign-up process. Just before you input the credentials, you will see an option labelled as “Create Account”. Click on it and select “To manage my business”. Hit “Next” and enter your birthday, gender, recovery email and phone number. Simply check the privacy policy check box, verify your account by putting in your contact number or email address and you are all set! Now you are signed up for Google!


2)Create Your YouTube Brand Account:


creating youtube account


With a Google account all set, you are eligible to post some video content, but first, you need to set-up a YouTube brand account. What different in a YouTube Brand Account is, it allows you to edit several permissions and rights for your channel.


To set-up a brand account, browse over to YouTube & in the upper right corner, you’ll see that you are already signed in. Click on your profile module and select “My Channel” from the dropdown menu. A popup will appear which will ask for your name. At this point, DO NOT enter the credentials being asked for and simply click on “Use a business or another name” located at the bottom of that popup.


YouTube brand name


You’ll be redirected to another popup and there, you will be asked to enter the brand account name. Now, this is the place where you give a name to your channel. Put in the name and hit “Create”. If you think you might change the name later, no problem at all because you have the right to do so.

3)It’s Time to Customize Your YouTube Brand Account:

This is where the fun actually begins. You aren’t getting bored, are you? Let’s re-ignite your passion with an interesting fact. An average YouTuber earns between $20,000 – $25,000 annually if he is maintaining as low as 8,000 viewers on his channel. Believe me, maintaining the viewership figures stated above, is absolutely a kid’s play, provided the content you upload is unique.


Let’s get back to customizing your brand account. Simply, hit the “Customize Channel” button. In the customization dashboard, you will see “Channel Icon” and “Channel Art”. Upload such images which clearly portray your brand’s logo and are easily recognizable.

customizing youtube channel

Once you have uploaded channel icon and channel art, it’s time to add the following by clicking the “About Tab”:


  • Channel description.
  • Company’s email.
  • URL of your company’s website.
  • Links to other social media platforms where your brand is already present.

    Finally, it’s time to add some finishing touches. Before that, let’s unravel a really cool option offered by YouTube. Since there are two types of viewers, one being your subscribers and followers while others are random viewers. YouTube allows you to create customized look-ups for both types of viewers. To put it simply, the featured content you upload is only meant for the subscribers to see. For the rest, they can just watch the non-featured or non-exclusive content.


    Let’s continue with the customization process. First of all, ensure that the channel customization is turned on. In case it’s off, browse right next to the red “subscribe” button and hit the gear icon. A popup will appear where you can turn on the setting labelled as “Customize the layout of your channel”. Hit save and done!

    4)Upload Your Brand’s Trailer:


    With the customization settings turned on, it’s time to add a catchy video trailer. In order to do so, hit the “Upload” button, select your trailer video file and press upload. Don’t forget to add a description, trailer name and also the keywords. Soon after the video uploads, hit the tab labelled as “For new visitors” on the homepage of your channel and click “Channel trailer”.


    Select the trailer you uploaded, or add a link to any video you want to feature and hit “Save” and it’s done!


    5)Setting Permissions:

    Prior to implementing any marketing plan on your channel, it’s imperative to have the knowledge about different roles you can delegate further. Why it’s important? Initially, you won’t be needing partners to assist you in maintaining your channel. Over a period of time when the audience will start to grow, you’ll have to create and upload content based on their demand. You can either focus on creating quality content or respond to the queries posed by viewers. Even if you want to, you cannot be a lone ranger in all this!


    So, there are three roles which you need to get familiar with.


  • Owner: Owner reserves full editing privileges and can add or remove managers as well. They can also edit business information, check out analytics, respond to queries and do a lot more.
  • Manager: Having the same editing rights as owners, managers cannot add or remove listings or page roles.

  • Communications Manager: A communications manager is only tasked to respond to queries and reviews.

    You can add people as managers and communication managers by clicking the “Settings” which appear in a dropdown when you click Google account icon at the top right corner of your browser. From here, you can define roles, manage permissions and grant access to your partners.

    Some Important Brand Guidelines:

    If you aspire to create a YouTube channel for your brand, you might as well be aware of some basic guidelinesguideline so that you can establish your channel properly. We are going to explain certain terminologies which we have used above, just for you to have a deeper insight.


    a)Channel Name: The name of your channel is associated with every single piece of content you upload on your channel. Please ensure it’s spelt correctly.


    b)Channel Icon: While uploading your channel’s icon, it’s important that you know what Google recommends. For this purpose, you can upload an 800 * 800 px round or square image. It’s like your display picture for all your Google services.


    c)Channel Art: Now this needs to be flashy and attractive and it should stay consistent if viewed either from a desktop, a mobile device or even a tablet. Uploading 2560 * 1440 px image will do the trick.

    d)Channel Description: This is a crucially important step. While giving a description, make sure it indicates what type of content you’ll be sharing with your audience. Channel description plays a vital role in the overall ranking of your channel. Don’t add fluff over here, just state the essence and incorporate keywords as well. 

    e)Channel Trailer: A one-minute video which shows the visitors what your channel is all about and what they should be expecting from your channel is sufficient enough. At the end of your video, encourage the viewers to subscribe to your channel as well.

    Final Word:

    That’s all for now peeps. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. Always remember, there’s an element of creativity in every human being. With YouTube as a marketing tool, all you need to do is find that element within you and monetize it properly. Within a short span of time, your channel will be earning you such amounts, the likes of which you haven’t had thought before.