Abdul Waheed

Abdul Waheed

IT Professional

Q1: Please tell us about yourself ?
A1 : There has been more than 20 years that I am attached with the field of Computer Science. I did BCS in 1998 and MCS in 2003. But with IDMPakistan it was my first online training experience. 

Q2: Why you decided to pick IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A2. :  I am a government employee so always hand to mouth while striving for Halal income. I was looking to find some opportunity that could help me to earn part time. I find an Institute for digital marketing and discussed with my friend so we could both get admission together but more than month passed we couldn’t even manage to visit it. One day my friend found IDMPakistan while googling. Without further delay we rushed to avail the opportunity. 

Q3: How has your journey been with IDMPakistan? Please share your experience?
A3:  It has been great time with professional trainers of IDMPakistan. I can witness they are more than best. Although I could not get my desired results but that is my fault because I did no or very less practice of what I learned in lectures, some time due to lack of time and some time it required some investment to start online business however I would recommend those who are running offline business and wanna start online business which is definitely need of time, IDMPakistan is the great platform to avail of.

Q4: Please rate IDMPakistan on a scale from 1 to 10
A4 : 10/09

Q5: Will you recommend IDMPakistan to others?
A5 : Definitely yes but only to those who understand basics of digital marketing and consider it useful for them. This is not for everyone but it’s for practical buddies who never get back of what they wish of. 

Q6: Please describe IDMPakistan is one line?
 A6.: International Standards of online training.