Diwan Mohsin

Diwan Mohsin

CEO at Karachi Stitching

Q1: Please tell us about yourself ?
A1.I am Diwan Mohsin, and currently I am running my own business. I have 6 years of experience working as Accountant in difference Private as well Government agencies. I have a Masters degree in Commerce naming M.Com.

Q2: Why you decided to pick IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A2. :  I decided to join IDM Pakistan because no one in the country I found who give this kind of comprehensive training for person like me, who have no background in Digital Marketing.d and scheduled training of digital marketing and through this course a person who knows nothing about DM, will become an expert.

Q3: How has your journey been with IDMPakistan? Please share your experience?
A3.  It was an awesome experience with IDM. All teachers are brilliant and their lecture improved my thinking.

Q4: Please rate IDMPakistan on a scale from 1 to 10
A4. 10 out of 09.

Q5: Will you recommend IDMPakistan to others?
A5. Yes, I already recommend some of my friend.

Q6: Please describe IDMPakistan is one line?
 A6.   Not in one line but a one word “Marvelous”