Imran Usmani

Imran Usmani

Q1. Why you decided to join IDMPakistan to learn digital marketing?
A1. As per my research Idmpakistan is one of the best where we can get maximum knowledge about digital marketing.

Q2. How has your journey been with IDMPakistan, please share your experience 🙂
A2. Its really awesome and my dream comes true to know about the Social Media marketing specifically and overall learning of digital marketing

Q3. Please rate IDMPakistan’s training on a scale from 1 to 10
A3. One chooses IDMPAKISTAN then rated best 9

Q4. Will you recommend others to join IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A4. Yes recommends to friends and some family members

Q5. Please share at least 2 benefits you received from the training yet?
A5. Lots of knowledge and lots of good professionals