Welcome to another insightful blog where you will learn some easy tips of shooting a quality video even if you don’t have a fancy camera. Why rent or buy an expensive camera when your very own smartphone is absolutely capable of shooting a high-resolution video? The only thing you have to ensure while filming through your phone is to shoot the video in a landscape mode. YouTube only allows the landscape format because it covers the scenes from a wide angle thus making the results even more enjoyable and detailed.

Without any further delay, let’s teach you some awesome tips to make your videos engaging and interesting for the viewers to watch.

1)Always Use a Tripod Stand:

Although there are many smartphone cameras with the ability to stay focused but let’s not talk about the flagship models. Keeping a budget phone’s camera in mind, you should always use a tripod to rule out even the slightest chance of shakiness in the video. While shooting, place the tripod on an even surface and let the camera do all the magic.

2)Switch the Camera’s Mode to Manual:

The automatic mode enables the smartphone camera with the ability to adjust different parameters according to the illumination level of the environment. Though it’s a really cool feature but, it will add effects to your video which will be harder for you to edit. In order to keep yourself from doing all the hassle, it’s a precursor to set the camera to manual mode.

3)Try Shooting from Various Angles:

This is a bit tricky but for every video you are shooting, there is a specific angle which suits that video. If you deviate from that angle, you may not get the desired results. You may be wondering as of how it’d be possible to learn all the angles of shooting for all types of videos. Well, it’s a matter of practise and close observation. Initially, we’d recommend shooting a scene from different angles and distances and then you can compare the scenes, delete the ones which are shady and upload the one which is absolutely perfect. For instance, if you are filming an interview session where the camera is supposed to stay focused on one face, fixing the angle to 45 degrees will do the trick.

4)Film More than Needed:

Don’t get too hasty while filming a video and always film more than what you think would be sufficient. The primary reason being, you can always edit and cut more but sometimes it’s almost next to impossible to go out there, assemble the constituents and shoot more. In order to ensure you have all the scenes captured, take multiple shots of one scene so that you have a variety of scenes to choose from. Always start filming with a countdown so that you are positioned to address the camera the moment it starts filming.

5)Make Use of a Good Quality Mic:

Many of you have already decided to create such channels where you’ll have to speak continuously. Clear audio plays a vital role in keeping your viewers engaged in what they are seeing and listening to. Make sure to use a quality microphone in order to capture noise-free audio. Since you are filming via your smartphone, thanks to the innovators out there who came up with plug-in mics which can easily be attached to your phone on the go!

6)Content Editing Tips:

Let’s put some cherry on top and make you aware of some really useful editing tools and awesome software. There are dozens of video editing tools you can find online and YouTube itself offers its own editing platform as well. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.
  • Final Cut Pro X.
  • Adobe Premiere CC and many others.  

Also, make sure to go through the following points if you really want your video content to stand out.

  1. After you are done with editing and your video is ready for the upload, YouTube offers you to pick video thumbnail. You can either choose from the already offered templates or you can upload your very own customized thumbnail because this where you are taking a lead on your rivals.

  2. Adding watermarks to your videos is a great way to claim the content and to give it your name forever. In the branding section which is located in the YouTube Creator Studio, you can easily add a watermark and bingo! Your video is all yours and nobody can steal your very own intellectual property.

  3. Adding music and soundtracks is another tricky step where many Youtubers fail to impress the audience. Here is the tip to add a seemingly soothing soundtrack. Always keep in mind the overall mood of your video. If you are successful in identifying the mood of your video, adding a related soundtrack will simply amplify its impact on the viewers.

  4. While adding the music or a soundtrack, make sure if it’s royalty free or is owned by somebody. In case it’s owned, you should either contact the concerned person to take permission or if reaching out isn’t an option, you can give credits for that audio to the real owner in your description or at the very end of your video as well. Yes, you can always get your hands on royalty free soundtracks, the best sources of which are:
  • Pond5.
  • Epidemic Sound.
  • Premium Beat.


Final Words:

If you are successful in creating a YouTube channel by following the guidelines from our awesome YouTube Marketing series, you’ll be shocked to find out the results. As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and we aim to teach you the best and most effective ways to upload quality content which is quite capable of gaining traction and boosting your brand.