The scope of content sharing platforms stretches beyond than just offering you an opportunity to create an online presence. Providing ample features to market and monetize the content you are sharing, so that it can attract as much audience as it can, is the real beauty of such platforms. YouTube, being the second largest search engine in the world, is well-endowed with content and starting out as a YouTuber, can be a bit of a challenging task for you.

Having said that, let’s discuss how can you grab subscribers by monetizing your YouTube channel across the rest of the social media platforms. The plus point is, all of these platforms have made it quite easier to share the content on each other. Below, you’ll read some tips to promote your YouTube’s content on other channels.  

1)Spread the Word Via Social Media:

If you plan on engaging with viewers directly, social media is indeed the most effective way. Interestingly, YouTube itself has made it incredibly easier to share and promote the content on other networks. You have a video which you want to share, simply hit the “Share” button and the dropdown will appear where you’ll see most of the social media networks. Click the one you want to share the video on and it will redirect you to your very own media feed, where you can add a flare of catchy words and bam! Your content has been shared and let’s sit back, relax and watch how people react.

The point which many YouTubers forget is the follow-up on the comments which their content receive. Simply sharing the video may not work for you in attaining the ultimate goal which is, to get more subscribers. Always schedule a follow-up on the comments and reviews which your content receive and then you need to respond to as many comments as you can. This way, people understand the real motive behind the content you created and once you reply to their comments, they kind of feel a connection which implores them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Useful Tip: While replying to comments, use a polite tone, appreciate criticism and make proper use of #hashtags.

2)Sharing Via Website & Blog Posts:

To get more leads, the intimacy between your YouTube channel and your website or blog should be over the top. First of all, create a “YouTube follow” button on your blog so that the readers can easily find your channel without much effort. Secondly, don’t forget to embed relevant video content in your blogs or websites.

For instance, your channel is about food and cooking. In your blog, you have mentioned all the ingredients you need to make a wholesome salad along with the cooking instructions as well. You have also shared awesome Insta pics which you shared after having the salad served. The readers, at some point, may want to view the whole process because there are slightest details which are missed in writing but can be easily understood while watching. How amazing and complete it’d be if you make a little effort by shooting a video of the whole salad-making process and embed the video in your blog! Try to think as a reader yourself at this point. People hardly forget the visuals and that’s where you can score big for your channel.

3)Keep Track of Your Email Subscribers:

Your quest for finding new leads shouldn’t be at the cost of the subscribers you already have. Every piece of content you are sharing for new customers, ensure that your current subscribers also receive periodic emails with links to your latest videos. Keep your email list updated by sending them emails in which they are being encouraged to read the blog post and also to subscriber to your videos on your YouTube channel. Emails have always been a great marketing tool and this is your chance to take the maximum benefit out of it.

4)Engage Yourself in Answering Questions on Q/A Sites:

According to statistics, those YouTube channels happen to get subscribers way earlier which deal with solving certain problems of the viewers. If your channel is also Q/A based, try signing-up for such sites where questions are asked by the audience. Answering these questions by providing a link to your video on YouTube, can prove to be a powerful and effective technique to expand your subscribers’ list.

5)Expansion Via Collaboration:

Starting of all on your own and building the reputation for your channel alone, is something you should avoid. Initially, you can face challenges but once your channel starts gaining traction and leads start coming in, try collaborating with channels having a great YouTube presence. Contact such channels and simply ask them to partner-up with you for at least one project. It won’t do them any harm rather it will project their image as cool mentors and yours as an awesome new YouTuber. So, basically, it’s a win-win for you both.

Some Cool Tips to Market Your YouTube Content:

  1. Keep your YouTube’s channel marketing consistent to all the rest of your social media channels.
  2. Continuously keep optimizing the title and description for SEO to improve the search of the viewers.
  3. Always feature real people, statistics, and catchy animations rather than just wordy speeches.
  4. Don’t forget to include Call-to-Actions (CTAs) in every video that you share.
  5. Leverage the use of playlists to make it easier for the viewers to keep watching related videos.
  6. Come up with an idea and divide it into a video series. Start filming and upload a whole series to get subscribers in bulk.

Final Words:

With these marketing strategies, rest assured, your channel is about to take a lift-off. Just keep your content real and keep focusing on delivering quality rather than quantity. Learn the basics of cinematography to add a flare of style and creativity and that’s all you need to market your channel the right way!