So your Youtube channel is now ready! Great, now it’s time to understand the significance of Youtube analytics.

Simply put, you should know how to measure if your channel is going up or down. To do so, you’ll need to understand some basic terminologies since you won’t be able to comprehend YouTube analytics if you skip these points.

Don’t fret yet! Getting to know the YouTube Analytics is quite straightforward and you don’t need to have a technical background at all. Let’s find out more about YouTube analytics.


Determining Your Goal To Understand Youtube Metrics


Before plunging into measuring your success, take a step back and ponder, against what measures or goals are you going to compare your current results? You have invested a lot of your time, money and energy in filming, editing and uploading quality content but all of it makes no sense if you don’t have a goal. The point is, your channel and every single piece of content on it should be driven by your goal. Either it can be brand awareness or getting more views or grabbing new subscribers or getting inbound links and the list can go on.


Youtube analytics and its importance


Being the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube offers great opportunities for your videos to be seen by organic leads via paid advertising. Why ruin the viewership by uploading material which is pointless? Always determine the goal before you put anything on your channel.


Youtube Insights – Metrics To Track


It’s time to measure the success of your channel after you’ve come up with a goal. Initially, tracking the measures may seem quite overwhelming but there is an upside of it which makes it quite important to understand for the YouTubers. Youtube Analytics make it quite easier for you to observe the overall statistics of your channel and make decisions accordingly. But before we dive into details, let’s check the youtube analytics dashboard

youtube analytics dashboard

Suppose you have filmed an awesome video, edited and posted it but somehow it’s not getting the viewership it was meant to receive. It’s quite evident that this situation is quite unnerving and you need answers for that.

Do you want to hire a marketing expert who charges a hefty amount? That’s probably not a good idea at all.

You need to learn this all by yourself by browsing to YouTube analytics section where you can check out the activity on each and every video for the past 28 days. You can adjust the number of days as well.

YouTube analytics offers lots of filters for you to apply and check out only those results which actually mean to you. In addition to these filters, YouTube also offers to display these statistics in the form of different visuals e.g. bar chart, pie chart, linear graph and etc.


Youtube Audience Retention & Watch Time:


Youtube Watch time and audience retention are two major parameters in calculating the overall progress of your video. Watch time refers to the total number of minutes your audience has spent while viewing your content. Let me share with you what watch time exactly means:


youtube watch time


How does it help you? It gives you a clear picture of those parts of the video upon which your viewers are focusing more than those parts where they are simply navigating. It indicates those parameters where you need to work on to deliver the most favourite content for all rather than just keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. Watch time is also important because it helps in ranking your video.

For instance, there is a video with more watch time but was upload a bit later than the last one, the video with higher watch time is going to end up being ranked. The average viewership percentage of a certain video refers to the retention rate. A video with a higher retention rate indicates that the viewers are going to watch that video right until the end.


Check Youtube Traffic Source From Analytics 


The reports you generate from traffic sources indicate how your content is being received by the viewers online. There are several traffic sources out there and it’s not necessary that on every source, it’s your content that reigns. With these reports, you can easily determine the source where you need to properly market and monetize your content to get it to the tops. Additionally, the traffic reports also identify the sources your content is getting more viewership from.


youtube traffic source


By clicking on the overall traffic source category, you will see a deeper insight which will help you further refine your marketing strategy and come up with such plans which will further the goals you have set to achieve.


Youtube Engagement Reports & Demographics:


Engagement reports reflect some pretty interesting data. These reports help you in the identification of such content which is getting popular and is resonating properly with the viewers. You can find out how many viewers are sharing, clicking, promoting and commenting on your content. How they are reacting to certain changes they feel you have employed and so much more. You can also track the performance of your end screens and cards to improve your Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and the results they are producing.

On the other hand, the Demographics, as the name may suggest, deals with those statistics which distinguish between age and gender of the viewers. These reports come in handy when your channel is based on an e-commerce store where you upload reviews of certain items and your main goal is to establish buyer personas.


Final Words:


Well, when it comes to marketing, there can be no “final words”. However, we hope you will now take the analytics even more seriously than ever before. Analytics are a great way to track and measure your channel’s success and you can’t get far if you simply choose to ignore the fact that analytics are important. Remember, we want you to earn the golden play button from YouTube as soon as possible and if you keep up with our blog, your channel will recieve it way earlier than you think.

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