Asma Laghari

Asma Laghari

Personal Positive Parenting Strategist

Q1. Why you decided to join IDMPakistan to learn digital marketing?
A1. I joined because i liked the way i saw how sir shoaib conducted the webinar and liked his way of teaching

Q2. How has your journey been with IDMPakistan, please share your experience 🙂
A2. Ok so this is my honest opinion sir hamiz is word press expert but he maybe not be  the best to teach i had to buy other word press courses to learn to properly however Sir Saleem has been Awesome in teaching digital marketing he makes sure he tells u all that he does learnt a lot from him and his experiences he share in class and really benefit from it sir basits class had problems since day one sometimes internet problems and voice so didn’t really enjoyed learning had to go through recorded lessons could be more better if you record lessons in how to format self paced courses like abbey ashely i love how she has made her course

Q3. Please rate IDMPakistan’s training on a scale from 1 to 10
A3. 6 i would say i would love if u could record the course as training step by step as most of my fellows were having problems in how tows

Q4. Will you recommend others to join IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A4. Yes

Q5. Please share at least 2 benefits you received from the training yet?
A5. Clarity Strategy business model study i loved the most