Syed Kashif Jehan

Syed Kashif Jehan

Energy, IT, International Development and Not-For-Profit Sectors

From Islamabad

Q1. Why you decided to join IDMPakistan to learn digital marketing?
A1. I wanted to explore new avenues in the form of SMM, SEO and Google Ads. I wanted to know first hand about Digital Marketing. I bumped into IDMPakistan on my FB and saw demo video. That was when I decided to join IDMPakistan.

Q2. How has your journey been with IDMPakistan, please share your experience 🙂
A2. It has been a great learning experience so far. From learning about website development using WordPress to SMM, SEO, Email Marketing, Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing, it has been a roller coaster ride.

Q3. Please rate IDMPakistan’s training on a scale from 1 to 10
A3. All the trainers have done a fantastic job. I will rate all of them a resounding 10.

Q4. Will you recommend others to join IDMPakistan for digital marketing training?
A4. Ofcourse. I will recommend it to all the souls that I come across as I would love everyone around to get such a pleasant learning experience.

Q5. Please share at least 2 benefits you received from the training yet?
A5. As of now, I learnt a lot about Digital Marketing and the related nitty-gritty details. The course has enabled me to explore new avenues in terms of starting my own ventures in the future.