51% of the businesses these days are using different marketing automation software and tools and the numbers are growing.

published in 2018, mentioned a staggering 55% of the marketing agencies are planning to invest millions in advanced digital marketing tools. What’s the point of mentioning these numbers?

If you are not yet investing in any of the automated marketing tools in 2019,

Before you start digging in, let’s inform you that we have already compiled a list of some of the most prominent, effective and agile marketing automation tools using which, you can automate your entire marketing funnel and grow your business at a much faster rate.

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software:   

Hubspot The  Marketing Automation tool takes the credit for being one of the most powerful and effective tools when it comes to the variety of features it offers.

HubSpot, being a great source of learning for all the beginners and even for advanced marketing professionals, it is now offering a complete software suite including:

  • Sales Automation Software.
  • Marketing Software.
  • Support Software.
  • HubSpot Customer Relation Manager.

It means that whatever you are planning to do with your business, HubSpot has an automated solution for you.

To kickstart your marketing campaign, you need a proper flowchart and this time, you don’t need a pen and paper because the HubSpot Sales and Automation Software comes with a built-in visual board which you can use to create sophisticated conditional workflows.

It’d take you a while before you become a master at using this tool but once you understand all of its features, the opportunities which lie ahead, are endless.

If you intend to use HupSpot for digital marketing automation, it’ll cost you a lot. With an initial amount of $800/month, you will have to pay a whopping $3000 just for registering your account at HubSpot. That’s an insanely large amount of money they are charging!

Ontraport Review:

Ontraport reviewAnother best marketing automation software for small businesses is none other than the 

Primarily a CRM, the Ontraport is offering different cool features including:

  • Colorful Landing Page Designs.
  • Reporting Facility.
  • Email Marketing Tool.
  • E-Commerce.

For those under the impression that Ontraport is merely a black box which only gives cluttered analytics, rest assured, no other digital marketing software generates as clear and concise reports and insights than Ontraport.

In the digital marketing landscape, Ontraport is considered as one of the easiest tool to set-up. There system doesn’t charge any upfront fees and you can easily set-up recurring payments for those clients who have purchased subscriptions. Another amazing feature it comes with is the A/B split testing tool which makes it even more appealing. There is just one thing that may put a few users off and that is the cluttered dashboard.

On the other hand, it integrates so easily with almost all social and digital media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and etc.

SendInBlue Review:

sendinblue reviewStarted off as a digital marketing agency, turned out to be one of the best email marketing software. Now, has transformed into an awesome marketing automation software with plenty of features at your disposal. Some of the most striking features that SendInBlue has are as follows:

  • Reporting Tool.
  • Lead Scoring Software.

Unlike others, SendInBlue is also offering a free subscription plan that includes some basic level marketing automation functionality, customer support, feedback tool and up to 300 emails on a daily basis.

The best thing about SendInBlue is it’s amazing user interface which makes it easier for the marketing managers to use. However, there are a few downsides of this platform individually mentioned as follows:

  • The basic plan which you can buy is subscription based where you have to pay $49/month or even above to access unlimited marketing workflows and features.
  • Unlike the rest of the digital marketing tools in the list who put a restriction on the number of contacts to whom you can send the marketing emails, the SendInBlue restricts the number of emails you can send to the contacts.

ActiveCampaign Review:

activecampaign reviewThe is another integrated email marketing and marketing automation tool that comes with an already equipped CRM. The feature which distinguishes ActiveCampaign from the rest of the lot is it’s agile and powerful digital marketing automation tool.

It’s been developed to cater to the needs of advanced level marketers who are quite experienced with other tools. The deliverability of ActiveCampaign is rated to be among all other competitors in the market and that’s one of the reasons why it’s designed for people with advanced skills.

Let’s unravel a few plus points of ActiveCampaign and find out why it’s being regarded as one of the best marketing automation tools:

  • Priced at $9/month, ActiveCampaign launched itself as one of the most affordable digital marketing tools in the market. With no hidden charges or training costs, ActiveCampaign is the very first tool which is offering amazing solutions under $100 a month. After witnessing skyrocketing sales, other platforms had to decrease their prices to keep up in the game.
  • ActiveCampaign just doesn’t stop getting better. This year alone, a bundle of cool features were offered including a site messaging tool, a marketing attribution tool, a chrome plugin and a testing tool as well.
  • ActiveCampaign has an amazing customer support team at its disposal. Chances are that you may not understand a couple of features and if you can’t find any online help via Google, simply ping their customer support team which will reply you instantly.

Pardot Review:

pardot reviewBefore anything else, the basic subscription worth $1000/month is something which is being considered as outrageous. The price however, aligns well with the amount of features which you get but it doesn’t justifies it at all.

Being one of the most expensive digital marketing platforms, Pardot has an awesome customer support tool which serves amazingly before and after implementation. Unlike all the rest, Pardot doesn’t charge a dime for set-up cost. Even the training they provide is absolutely free.

Several users are of the view that using Pardot seems a little bit tricky and the only logical reason we can come up with, is that it’s owned by Salesforce which is not pretty good at user experience.

Another turn-off point is when you find out that you can’t use features like A/B testing, social media support, PPC integration and basic CRM features if you buy the $1000/month subscription. For these to unlock, you will have to subscribe to the mighty $2000/month package.

Price Comparison of the Marketing Automation Software:

You can check out a detailed price comparison of the tools we have listed above:

Entry Cost:

  • HubSpot – $800/month charged annualy (plus $3000 ob-boarding fee).
  • ActiveCampaign – $9/month.
  • Ontraport – $79/month.
  • SendInBlue – $49/month.
  • Pardot – $1000/month.

Cost for 10,000 Contacts:

  • HubSpot – $1250/month charged annualy (plus $3000 ob-boarding fee).
  • Ontraport – $297/month.
  • ActiveCampaign – $111/month.
  • SendInBlue – $129/month.
  • Pardot – $1000/month.

Cost for 100,000 Contacts:

  • HubSpot – $3300/month charged annualy (plus $3000 ob-boarding fee).
  • ActiveCampaign – $369/month.
  • Ontraport – $597/month.

Final Word:

It’s 2019 guys, and you won’t want to be left behind if you really want your business to grow in the coming days. Drop the traditional marketing techniques and start investing in the latest and most advanced marketing automation tools starting from today

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