When it comes to determining your business growth, you should know website traffic proves to be a crucial indicator. Here we will elaborate 10 Traffic Sources which will help you to know How To Get Traffic On Your Website. Not only it helps you in the better formulation of marketing plans but also it offers a great deal of assistance in gathering audience insights. The contribution of web traffic in improving search engine credibility cannot be undermined because it’s considered as an active catalyst in increasing conversions. All discussion aside, aren’t you interested in getting to know some of the coolest ways to drive quality traffic to your website?

Here, do remember that you need not employ illegal ways to gain traffic because you can’t out-smart Google for long. Let’s unveil some free ways to get traffic on your website in 2019.

The Difference between Free & Quality Traffic:

More traffic on your website implies rank improvement which results in generating more traffic and the cycle repeats. At this point, you need to ensure that the traffic which is landing at your website, should convert as well. If, for instance, the traffic on your website is increasing drastically but there is little or no conversion, either you are using illegal ways to get traffic or you are not bringing the right traffic at all.

If you really want to make your business fly, you need to attach the wings accordingly. And for a website, quality traffic is all that matters.

“How to determine whether or not my site is getting quality traffic”, you ask?

Well, that’s quite easy to find out!

If your website is getting 500 visitors on a daily basis and more than 60% of the visitors are converting, rest assured, you are on the right track.

We are not letting you go yet!

Below are the ingredients which help you in cooking such a recipe, the whiff of which attracts more qualified visitors to your site.

  • On-Page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO.
  • Online Directory Listings.
  • Social Media.
  • Online Ads.

10 Free Ways to Direct Traffic:

Here are some really useful ways to redirect quality traffic to your website without spending a dime:

1.   Create “Google My Business Listings” for Free:

Analytically, perfectly optimized Google My Business Listings helps your website to get 7 times more traffic. However, don’t forget that all the links redirect to your website. It’s a fact that Google is getting smarter with every passing day and if the listings that you have optimized are providing every bit of information which a visitor needs to make a quick decision, chances are that he might not even visit your website for further information rather contact you directly.

2.   On-Page SEO:

Truly, there are several on-page SEO techniques which you can employ on every page of your website to improve the ranking factor. On-page SEO usually acts as the cherry topping on the overall content. When you produce high-quality content and garnish every page with some cool meta-descriptions, Google has no other choice but to rank your content. Although the on-page SEO tactics take some time to show their effect, these are quite worthy of your time and energy.

3.   Do Some Back linking:

As the name may suggest, a back link is a link which redirects to your website from another site. If you manage to get back links from credible websites like those of different influencer, you are automatically projecting your business as the most credible one in front of a larger audience.

Backlinks act like direction markers. It helps in increasing the trust of Google when the crawling algorithms find different links pointing towards your website.

4.   Social Media Posts:

The world we are living in owes quite largely to the potential of social media due to the wonders it has done for the businesses across the globe. By posting regularly on social media, drive free traffic since it has become a free marketing tool especially for small businesses.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and many more platforms offer paid advertisement for the content on your website as well. But if you don’t want to get into paid advertising, follow the strategy to create useful content and share it for the people without any charges.

5.   Make Use of Hashtags:

Employing proper hashtags in your social media posts and on your website can help in extending your reach even beyond your network. With proper hashtags, people who are searching for products or the services, the kind of which you are offering, will land directly at your website. See? Now that’s the power of meaningful hashtags!

6.   Employ Landing Pages:

Suppose you are running an e-commerce store that features bags and clutches for ladies. There are dozens of them already and you want to grab the traffic from all of your rivals.

How do you think you can do that, and that too, for FREE?

Here’s a free trick. When a visitor arrives, you need to lure him into your buying funnel by offering something EXTRA, which no other e-commerce store is offering. It can be a promo code, an extra pair of bangles, a beautifully designed locket or some discount for the very next purchase he’s going to make. Such offers are made through landing pages which is another free yet effective method for getting quality traffic on your website.

7.   Use Long-Tail Keywords:

It’s a face that short-tail keywords are searched quite frequently but such keywords are quite difficult to rank. You may have seen by now that browsers are adding search-by-voice option and people are now asking specific queries in the browsers to search. It paves way for the long-tail keywords since it gives you a better chance of getting organic traffic which in turn increase your ranking. The result you ask? Increased traffic, a larger conversion rate and more authority. All for free!

8.   Email Marketing:

Well, for many out there, it may sound a bit cliche but let’s not forget one of the most effective types of digital marketing i.e. the Email Marketing. Over the course of time, email marketing has evolved. Everybody hates reading such promotional emails which contain only a bunch of information that you already know and nothing to offer. What if you send regular newsletters to your subscribers containing discount codes and other offers along with some free readable stuff as well? Don’t you think it’s worth the read? Don’t bombard your subscribers’ inboxes with daily emails, rather shoot off your emails on a weekly basis. Add links to your landing pages where the offers are listed, use high-res images of your new products or a couple of screenshots about the latest developments underway and every email reader will rush to your website.

9.   Make a Guest Blog:

Another free way to skyrocket the influx rate of organic traffic over to your website is to create a blog on your website. Once it’s been created, engage any industry influencer to write a couple of blog posts which you need to publish. The reason why it’s important, is because you are showing your audience how serious you are when it comes to delivering the quality of your products or services. It also builds a level of trust in front of the ranking algorithms. If, the influencer is not writing for your blog, simply ask him/her to post a review about any of your product on their own blog and simply add a link to your website. You can also identify several businesses in your locality having the same type of audience as yours and can easily contribute to their blog posts. It will give you a great edge since you are not only endorsing their business, as an entrepreneur, but also you are setting a trap for their customers by offering them a variety on your very own website or store.

10.    Keep a Check on Analytics:

Google Analytics is free of cost tool which can help you a great deal in driving more traffic if the stats are not too good. Make sure to use tracked links to improve your marketing campaigns and keep a close eye on the analytics of your website. You can also compare and contrast the performance of several of your campaigns using Google Analytics. Don’t play the hard way and stick to just one campaign if it’s making you good money. Try different marketing strategies because it will give you exposure to deal with different situations.