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From the desk of SHOAIB AHMED

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this page it means we both know each other.

That also means you are aware about my digital marketing skills and how it changed my life. I am 28 years old, completed my MBA from Szabist but never did a formal job a single day of my life.

Since 2011, I launched more than 27 websites, launched multiple affiliate marketing campaigns, handled international digital marketing clients, ran a consulting company, a successful handbags online store and now running Pakistan’s largest growing digital marketing training company.

How was this all possible to do with a middle class background?

You guessed it right -> Digital Marketing.

I have shared many methods of digital marketing on Youtube and Facebook but I never shared the proven formula that led to my success. The formula that enabled me to make 100k per day in sales from my online store and get Rs 200k per month consulting digital marketing clients and much more is exactly what I will share with you today. Be warned though, you might want to leave your job or have many sleepless nights after learning this formula because your head will not be able to hold the influx of excitement.

If this disturbs you, then you should stop reading this and close this tab.

But if this doesn’t scare you, then continue reading…

Since 2016 I have taught this proven digital marketing formula to many people and changed lives of countless people from all kinds of backgrounds. Lots of people have used digital marketing and changed their lives.

Let’s just see 3 examples: