Module 4: PPC Advertising & Adwords

Learn the art of running profitable Adwords campaigns
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Briefly, what you will learn?

Your goal as a digital marketer is to bring as much targeted traffic on your website at the least cost possible. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising where you will pay the publisher (individual websites or advertising platforms) whenever someone clicks/views your ad. You are not to display your advertisement on every platform and website, but as a smart digital marketer, you will be trained to figure out the exact targeted websites to advertise on. Moreover, you will also learn how to run profitable ad campaigns on Facebook and Google which will be the prominent part of this module.

Why You Should Learn Search Engine Marketing


Top Ranking on Google


24/7 Targeted Traffic


Predicatable Sales


Business Growth


Search engine marketing is promoting a website by increasing their visibility on search engine primarily through paid advertising. This also involves display advertising.



Learning adwords is not a piece of cake and that is why we have developed the most comprehensive outline for this module from keywords, bidding, writing ads to conversions etc.


You will be able to research profitable keywords for your business, create killer ads on both Google search and display networks and scale the winning ads to the next level guaranteeing revenue growth for your business!

Learn How You Can Make More Money, Get More Customers & Get a Dream Job With Digital Marketing


Top 4 queries

What exactly I will learn in this course?

We have the most comprehensive digital marketing course in Pakistan. Not only that, you will be trained by industry experts. You will not be asked to learned definitions, but will be asked to do practical hands-on practice in class. In fact, we will help you build a test website in the class and you will practice everything on that website.

What’s the average starting salary?

It depends on the company. However, if you are fresh candidate you can expect to get a package anywhere from 25,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR.

What happens if I miss any class?

We provide back-up classes for free in case in every batch. You can join those classes in case you missed any class.

Will I get any certificate on completion?

Yes, you will get one certificate from Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan. You will also get Google + Facebook certificates after passing their exams which we will help you with. These certificates are recognized all over Pakistan.

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