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Master the skills of Digital Marketing from expert trainers in Pakistan that will help you to grow your current business or start a profitable business even if you have no experience at all

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You are here for a reason…

Maybe your business is not growing at a speed you want?

Maybe you are not satisfied with your salary and want to start an online business part-time?

Maybe you just want to quit your job and full-fill your passion as an entreprenuer?

Or maybe, you are confused and stressed because you still haven’t achieved anything big in your life?

If You Said Yes To Any Of The Questions

Above, You Are At The Right Place

I am Shoaib Ahmed (Founder of IDMPakistan) and I was in the same position as you are in right now…

I was a normal university-going student in 2011 and digital marketing changed my life. When I was in university I thought my life would be same like everyone else in Pakistan.

Graduate from university -> Find a good job -> Get married -> Raise kids -> Die?

I thought, this was the pattern of life and we are supposed to follow it like it is some verse from Quran (Nau’zubillah).

I don’t remember the exact date, but on a lucky day somewhere in 2011, I searched on Google…

“how to make money online”

And that day was the turning point of my life. I joined multiple digital marketing forums online and found a guy from Sahiwal, Ali. That person was a God-sent to me and taught me how to create a website, SEO and affiliate marketing. It was the starting point of my success and long short short in just 5 years while I was in university I managed to accomplish the following goals:

1) I created more than 12 affiliate marketing websites and made thousands of dollars in commissions and sales

2) I launched 10+ online courses and generated thousands of dollars of sales with the help of digital marketing

3) I started my own digital marketing consultancy company and got clients from all over the Wrold and each client used to pay me between $1000-$2000 per month

4) I created my own online store in Pakistan and generated thousands of dollars in sales with the help of digital marketing

5) I Launched my own personal brand in Pakistan and was requested for appearence in many reputable forums

6) Now I am running Pakistan’s largest and best digital marketing training company where we have trained over 620+ professionals in digital marketing!

All I want to say is this…

Digital Marketing Changed My Life

Which is the reason why I want you to join IDMPakistan’s Digital Marketing Course. We will help you to fast-track and achieve greater heights of success, help you to become financially stable and never worry about having unstable career or business again

Here’s What You Will Get Inside

IDMPakistan’s 5-Months Digital Marketing Course

Whether you want to start a profitable online business, or grow the sales of your current business or start a great job in Digital Marketing industry. This 5 Months Digital Marketing Course will be the first step towards your success in 2019

5 Months of Live Online Training

Good things takes time. In 5 months of training via live interactive online classes, you will be nothing short of an expert Digital Marketer

No Teachers but Digital Marketing Heroes

Digital marketing cannot be taught with just slides or lectures. You will be learning everything inside LIVE campaigns from expert Digital Marketers

Paid Licensed Tools Worth Rs 76,000 For FREE

Expert training + Expert trainers + Paid licensed tools = SUCCESS! At IDMPakistan, you get everything and we leave you no chance but to become successful

Here’s What You Will Learn in IDMPakistan’s 5-Months Digital Marketing Course

This course includes 17 Modules. Every module is taught via LIVE interactive online classes. You will also get the recording of every live lecture once the lecture is completed inside your learning portal. Your learning portal will also include the time-table of classes, slides, notes, assignments and contact details of your trainers along with FREE Tools section.

Classes are held 2-4 times a week and during 7.30 to 9.30pm (if weekdays) and 3:00 to 6:00pm (if weekends).

Here are the complete 16 Modules

That You Will Learn in this course

Building a SOLID digital marketing foundations

You will learn the foundations and processes of Digital Marketing so all your questions and basics are 100% Crystal Clear 

You need a website if you want to succeed in 2019

Upon completing this module you will have your first website 100% ready which you will create by yourself with the help of our trainer.

  • You will be making your first website with the help of your trainer
  • After this module, you will be equipped with the priceless skill of creating websites in a jiffy!

Learn the art of ranking your website on Top of Google

After completing this module, you will be able to do complete SEO for your website. You will be well versed in both on-page SEO and off-page SEO giving you the ultimate edge to outrank your websites on the top of Google!

Learn and Master Google Analytics

Digital marketing is all about DATA. You will be able to learn how to gather data of your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics and also how to interpret and take decisions based on the data.

Learn the GOLD-MINE of Facebook Ads!

Learn how to run profitable Facebook ad campaigns for your business. You will not be learning from slides but from actual live ad-accounts with live budgets! Not only that, you will also be made expert of managing content calender and budgeting for FB, Twitter and Linkedin Ads.

Learn how to rank your APPS on top of Google Play store and iOS

Thousands of apps are created every month but only few succeed. Because they are not able to do ASO (App store optimization). Learn the priceless skill of ASO this module.

Start earning with Blogging and writing

If you have a flair of writing then it’s important that you learn how to properly blog and build an audience on your website.

Learn How To Start a Profitable Online Store Business

You will learn how to start a successful, profit generating online store. Making sure that you never have to worry about making sales and money from your online store. 

Learn how to make strategies to run profitable ad campaigns online

You will learn how to formulate proper online advertising strategy so you never have to worry about making guessing when creating online ad campaigns. 

Dominate Google by running profitable ad campaigns on Google ads

You will learn how to run profitable Youtube ad campaigns, Adwords search campaigns. So if you spend $1 on Adwords, you get a return of $2. 

Dominate internet by running banner ads to millions of websites online

You will learn how to run and create banner advertisements on millions of websites like olx, hamariweb,, expressnews etc 

Learn the art of lead generation

You will learn how to generate leads for your business. So everyday when you come to your office, you have qualified leads waiting to become your customers 

Learn Email Marketing Automation To Create Strong Bonding With Your Subscribers

You will learn how to you run profitable email marketing campaigns. Email is one of the highest money-generator still now. Learn how to run email automation campaigns. 

Learn How To Create Profitable Sales Funnels

You will learn how to you run campaigns that generates you sales and cash even while you sleep with the power of sales funnels. 

Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business

Learn how to run profitable affiliate marketing campaigns on both organic and paid traffic that can generate you sale commissions 24/7. 

Start a Profitable Freelancing Business

You will learn how to find clients so you can start selling your digital marketing services and start making money! 

Where Are We Today


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One Payment of Rs 65,000

Three Payments of 22,500/month

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Enroll Today & Get All These Bonuses For FREE

Bonus #1

Money Back Guarantee

Enroll and take the first LIVE class. For any reason whatsoever, if you don’t like to continue, just let us know before the starting of 2nd LIVE class and we will refund 100% of your fees – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Bonus #2

Paid Tools Worth Rs 62,258 For FREE

That’s right, you will get access of paid digital marketing tools worth Rs 62,258. You will be given license keys to activate these tools on your website to make your journey of learning digital marketing easier and fun.

Bonus #3

Guaranteed Internships

You will be given guaranteed internships after course completion so that you can practice what you learned in the entire course and get hands-on experience as well and work on live projects.

Bonus #4

Extended Support of trainers

During course you will having direct contact with the trainers and even after the course you will still be able to take the help and support of your trainers

Bonus #5

Get Prepared For Google & Facebook Certificates

You will be trained for Google ads and Facebook blueprint certificates during the course in Google ads and social media marketing modules respectively. Our students clear Google exams in the first attempt and become Google certified digital marketers. You can too!

Bonus #6

Get Live Budgets To Run Google Ads Campaigns

We will not only train you in Google ads but also give you budgets to run your own campaigns on Google ads so that you get hands-on experience during the course as well.

You Will Have Support Every Step of the way at IDMPakistan

Support of trainers

You will have direct contact and interactions with your trainers and they will be happy to help and guide you along the way.

Support of relationship managers

You will have access to one relationship manager who will take care everything related to course and timing for you.

Support of batch members

You will have a community of batch members who will be happy to help each other grow when you need instant assistance

Support of IDMPakistan

We will be just a phone call and email away and we take care of our students very well which reflects from our student feedbacks.

Get Started Today From 22nd March Batch


Choose The Enrollment Option Below

One Payment of Rs 65,000

Three Payments of 22,500/month

Have any questions? Call us at 021-32740066 or 0333-2753454 or email us at

Your Trainers (Pakistan’s Top Digital Marketers)


CEO, IDMPakistan

Expert in Email Marketing & Sales Funnels


Expert in Facebook ads and E-commerce Marketing


Expert in SEO with over 8+ years of experience in SEO


Over 6+ years of experience in web development


Expert of Google ads and managed $ Millions of Dollars in campaigns


Expert affiliate marketer and drop-shipping

Here’s the Proof This Training Works

Excellent so far. very interesting and very good learning. I would rate 11 and have already recommended many of my friends to join IDMPakistan to learn digital marketing!

Haroon Sheikh


In each class our trainers motivate us to do something new in Digital Industry. I wish to follow those motivations in our real life. I can say IDMP is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute of Pakistan.

Abdul Rauf


The Journey with this institution has been amazing. I was a layman on 20th February and today I can discuss on this field with anyone for hours. The faculty here gives every student a chance to ask their questions and encourages them.

Shahrukh Niazi

IDMPakistan Graduate

It has been a great learning experience so far. From learning about website development using WordPress to SMM, SEO, Email Marketing, Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing, it has been a roller coaster ride.

Kashif Jehan

HEC Project Director

Most Asked Questions

I have no experience of IT, marketing or business, is IDMP digital marketing training for me?

No experience of IT or business is required. We consider that every trainee has no experience of marketing and IT and we build your basics and then move to the advanced level.

Is IDMP Digital Marketing Training for me? Can I get benefit out of this course?

If you have a business and want to grow it OR if you want to start an online business that OR if you want to start a career in digital marketing then yes, without doubt IDMP digital marketing course will help you.

When the classes will be held?

Classes will be held 2 to 4 times a week. Weekdays (7.30 to 9.30pm) and weekends (3:00 to 5:00pm).

What if I miss any class?

If you miss any class, you will get the recording of every live class the very next day in your learning portal account. So if you missed the class, you can watch the recording and cover it up.

If I miss the class and watch the class in recording, who will address my questions?

You will have direct contact details of your trianers. You will directly ask from your trainer or ask the questions in the next live class.

Can I ask questions in the LIVE online class?

Yes, you will have access to open your MIC and ask your question whenever you want. Plus, you can also send chat message to your trianer during the class and get your queries resolved.

Do you have any physical classes?

No, classes are only conducted via LIVE instructor-led online classes.

Do you have installment plan?

Yes, you can pay the fee in 3 installments

Can I visit IDMPakistan’s office?

Of course, we would be glad. Drop by at our office at Office # 7-1/B Rimpa Plaza, M.A.Jinnah Road Karachi (11am to 6:00pm) or call us at 021-32740066.

Get Started Today From 22nd March Batch


Choose The Enrollment Option Below

One Payment of Rs 65,000

Three Payments of 22,500/month

Have any questions? Call us at 021-32740066 or 0333-2753454 or email us at