Develop the most profitable skill of 2017 = Digital Marketing

Next Batch Starting on 7th November (Probably the last batch of 2017)

What Trainees Say About Us

It has been a good experience so far, the trainers are well organized and know how to deliver course content.
Obaid Nasir

Product Manager, Phillips Lightning

Teachers at IDMPakistan are very responsive, professional, and know how to teach digital marketing
Saboor Ahmed Khan

Marketing, Royal Group

The trainer, Mr Hamiz Zulfiqar Ali, has taught Ecommerce Very well in his Module.

Muhammad Aftab Khalid

Enterprise Infrastructure Professional, Confidential

The trainer has provided very good training and has been patient with the trainees through out the sessions.

Faraz Naz Baig

Lecturer in IBA

The training was good.


The trainer has taught in the best way of teaching with real time examples
Sana Saeed

Social Media Marketer, Confidential

overall all are good teacher with excellent knowledge of their particular field. Explains topic very well by given real time examples and elaborate topic its good part of his job.
Asif Hameed

Marketer, Marksman Advertising

The trainer has been very good at covering each and every thing even the smallest concepts.
Hafiz Zafar Ali

Marketer, Iqra Tutoring

The training at IDMPakistan is Overall is good.
Rabia Batool

Social Media Marketer

IDM Pakistan all are good teachers complete knowledge of their subject a very dedicated person.

Social Media Marketer, California Pizza

Provided great resource material. Also was good at showing practical examples.
Aelia Haider

Digital Marketer Specilist, Logicos

IDM Pakistan Institute is one the best Digital Marketing Institute in Pakistan. All Trainers are very professional and explain the core purpose of process.
Muhammad Shoaib Riaz

Marketer , Confidential

IDM Pakistan all Trainees tries to teach each and every point from the basics of the topic.
Ali Raza

Marketer , Confidential

Trainers of IDM Pakistan are Marvelous, best in teaching. Cleared basic concept with good details. I’m satisfied with the learning.
Shoaib Wani

Web Designer, Midas Communication

Soft, calm, good knowledge and be practical.
Adnan Ghouri

Director, AG Consultant Training

IDM Pakisan educated the course soo well and excellent so much good and nice person that taught us,  to do more examples so we can learn more effectively.

PHP Developer, Confidential

The Traineers are  expert and adhere knowledge in there area of field. I am totally satisfied overall.
Hasham Ibrahim

Marketer, Confidential

Sir Samir Saleem is a high caliber of character and keen meteorological expertise set his well above
others at his level of education.

Sahar Rizwan

Marketer, Confidential

Engaged us and delivered the concepts in an easy language.
Tanveer Moin

Marketer, Wavees

He has a strong grip over the subject. What i like about Mr. Affan is that he doesn’t hesitate to go into the details. He also likes to deliver as much knowledge as he possibly can & always thinks about the benefit that the students will reap from his vast knowledge & experience.
Raza Nayani

Marketer, Confidential

Provided Practical demonstration at its best.
fauz ul mubeen

Marketer, Confidential

Gave us Precised knowledge.

Marketer, Confidential

Very good with sharing his experience such as telling about the plug-ins and themes he used.

Beside technical expertise he shared good ideas to learn further skills after this course.

Mir Wajahat Ali

Marketer, Confidential

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