Become a Highly-Paid Digital Marketer

Are you struggling in your business or career? Do you feel that you deserve better income, lifestyle, opportunities? Become a digital marketer to make all your career and business goals come true

If you are struggling in your business or career and you want to have the income, lifestyle and opportunities that you deserve, there is a solution… and it is very simple than you think

If you are ready to make 2017 the best year, the fastest way to make it happen is to start learning digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can start any online business within a week and make it successful, you can grow your current business, you can shift your career into digital marketing industry which is the fastest growing industry in Pakistan.

Now, don’t let the word “DIGITAL MARKETING” scare you.

Although, digital marketing is one of the most versatile and toughest subjects to teach, but at IDMPakistan, we have made a PROCESS that has made learning digital marketing as easy as walk in the park.


The biggest mistake I made is to learn digital marketing myself. It had took me years to achieve success, which I would have achieved much sooner, had I learned digital marketing from an expert

Shoaib Ahmed

In this PROVEN system to MASTER digital marketing, you will get:

A step-by-step approach to cover A-Z of digital marketing in 5 months

Even if you are a total beginner or an expert in digital marketing, our training program is designed in a way to excel your skills and take you to the next level of growth in your business and career regardless of your background or formal education.

5 Months of Live Online Classes, Covering 16 Modules of Digital Marketing

Each module is designed and created by the expert in our panel. There are total 6 core modules and 10 specialization modules. Every module is extremely practical including exams, assignments, projects and case studies. Everything is designed to make sure that you get the best out of this training.

16 Modules, 120 Hours of LIVE Online instructor-led classes, 6 Expert trainers and 5 Months of Training to Make You Expert in Digital Marketing

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

You start with the overview of digital marketing to understand the importance and the PROCESS of digital marketing. This module will set the ground work ready for the upcoming 15 modules in your training program.

Module 2: Website Planning & Creation

You cannot learn digital marketing by just theory. Your trainer will be training you how to create your own website. The purpse of website creation is to make sure that you will be practicing everything you learn on your own website.

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization

In this module you will be learning how to get FREE targeted traffic to your website who are ready to buy your product or service from Google. This is a core module and consists a final Exam.

Module 4: PPC Adwords (SEM)

You will be learning how to make automated sales from your business by setting up profitable adwords campaigns. This module will contain handson assignments since it is a core module, there will also be a final Exam.

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

You will be learning about both organic and paid ads on social media networks. Our primary goal is to make you an expert with Facebook organic and Facebook ads. This is a core module and there will also be an Exam.

Module 6: Email Marketing Automation

No, this is not about renting a list of 1 Million emails and blasting emails to that list. That is so 2005. You will be learning modern email marketing automation that brings you results. This is a core module and there will be an Exam.

Module 7: Lead Generation 

You will be learning how to create landing pages, how to increase conversions on landing pages and generate leads at the minimum cost per lead. This is a core module and there will be an Exam.

Module 8: Display Advertising

Do you see banner/image ads when you visit different websites? Well, just like that, you can place your business’s banner on millions of websites and you will be learning that in this module.

Module 9 : Google Analytics

Learn how to measure and analyze the traffic you are getting on your website. Understand the demographics, geographics and many other details of the traffic so you can make wise decisions about your business growth.

Module 10 : Ecommerce Marketing

You will be learning how to start and grow your own online niche-based store in Pakistan that will generate you sales everyday. This is a module where you will be starting your own online business

Module 11 : Freelancing

Do you have a dream of becoming a very well paid freelancer? Your dream can come true in this module when you will be learning how to grab freelancing projects and start your own freelancing career.

Module 12 : Reputation Management

Learn how to secure the reputatation of your online business on Google and social media networks. This is a specialization module that will cover all the basics of reputation management.

Module 13 : Mobile Marketing (ASO)

You will be learning the art of App store optimization. You will learn how to market your iOS and Android apps and rank it on top of the App store search engines. This is a specialization module.

Module 14 : Blogging

You will be learning about blogging basics in the module. How to setup a blog, add adsense and start earning from your blog as a part time blogger. This is a specialization module.

Module 15 : Content Marketing

This module is part of the lead generation module. In this module you will be learning about in-bound marketing and how to setup a perfect in-bound marketing system for your business.

Module 16 : Online ad strategy

Once you have become the master of digital marketing, you will finally be learning how to develop and build a proper online advertising strategy to fit all the pieces together.

Your trainers are successful entreprenuers, running their own companies. Most of them are CEO’s and managers. You will be in the mentorship of your trainers till the 16th Module of this training program. 

Get Rs 115,000 Worth of Bonuses For FREE if You Enroll Now

Bonus 1: Free Ecommerce Mastery Course

WORTH (RS 10,000)

Countless hours of video lectures by Mr Shoaib Ahmed, showing you how to find a profitable product and run a successful online store that makes you sales everyday.

Bonus 2: Lifetime Free Re-Enrollment in the training

WORTH (RS 65,000)

Once you finished your 5-months training, if you want to re-enroll and attend the LIVE lectures, you can do so by just sending us an email. This offer will be for LIFETIME.

Bonus 3: FREE 6 Months Down Support

WORTH (RS 25,000)

Once your training program is finished, you will still be available to contact your trainers for the next 6 months for counseling about your career, business and any queries related to digital marketing.

Bonus 4: Life-time Access To Recordings of Your LIVE Sessions

WORTH (RS 15,000)

You will have LIFETIME access to the recordings of the live sessions. Your LMS account will not be deleted once you complete our training.

Enroll Now Before The Bonuses Expire

It has been a good experience so far, the trainers are well organized and know how to deliver course content. 

Syed Obaid Nasir  Product Manager,  Philips Lightining

This is How It Works:

Once you enroll and submit your training fees, you will receive an email and SMS with your learning management system Log-in Details. The Learning Management System will include:

  • Schedule of your LIVE training sessions for 5 months and access to attend those sessions
  • Section to access the recording of your LIVE sessions
  • Section to contact your trainers for direct access
  • Section to attempt all your examinations
  • Section to contact your relationship manager for any difficulty in the training

Money Back Guarantee

In case you do not like the training, you can ask for your 100% refund of your fees before the second LIVE session. Let me clatify it even more, you can ask your money back, before the 2nd LIVE session by emailing us at and requesting a refund. However, uptil now, none of our trainees have asked the refund.

 Teachers at IDMPakistan are very responsive,  professional, and know how to teach digital  marketing

Saboor Ahmed KhanAssistant Marketing Manager, Royal Group


Industry Leading Experts

Know Your Trainers


Mr. Shoaib Ahmed

Founder Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan ( Have more than 6 years of digital marketing experience. Worked with international and national companies as a lead generation and digital marketing consultant. His core expertise are lead generation and marketing automation.


Mr. Syed Sarim

He is a full-time entrepreneur and a part time analyzer. Started a software company with two thousand bucks and have successfully converted it into an MNC with having 4+ international teams and presence in 2 continents. His core expertise is social media & growth marketing.


Mr Affan Laghari

He is the CEO of Emaymar international digital marketing agency. His agency deals with clients all over the World and his core expertise are Search engine marketing (Adwords). He is also a certified Adwords professional.


Mr. Basit Rahman

SEO Manager at (Rocket Internet GmbH)

Responsible for managing SEO campaign for Kaymu Pakistan and monitoring SEO for all Kaymu ventures in Asia. have an experience of more than 7 years in digital marketing with a proven track record of acquiring top rankings in Google and other search engines.


Mr. Hamiz

(Expert in wordpress)

Mr Hamiz has a vast experience in wordpress and building wordpress based websites. He will be your trainer for website planning and creation module. Not only he is a wordpress expert and developer he has been a trainer for multiple organizations in the domain of WordPress.


Mr Waqas

(Expert in Internet Sales & Marketing / Email Marketing & Automation / PPC / CRO / Analytics)

Waqas is a top rated internet sales and marketing professional who has spent last decade contributing to companies from the e-commerce, SaaS, travel/hospitality, telecom and healthcare industries. Equipped with the latest digital sales/marketing techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The training course is of 5 months and almost 120 hours of LIVE instructor-led online sessions.

A: If you pay one time, the fees is Rs 65,000. If you pay in 5 months installments, the fees will be Rs 70,000.

A: No discounts or scholarships are being provided at the moment.

A: Yes, you will be provided 1 certificate of completing & proficiency by IDMPakistan. You will be able to conduct and clear Google certifications as well.

A: Yes, classes are conducted via LIVE instructor-led online sessions

A: No, we use the best & most expensive system for the LIVE sessions called gotowebinar.

A: The beauty of our training is, you will get LIFETIME access to all your LIVE lectures. You can attend the recording of the lecture if you missed the session.

A: Unlike other training companies that guarantee you and show you dreams, we don’t. We build your skills and if you use them, you will get results.

A: Your trainers are expert and CEO Level trainers. Visit think page to see the profile of your trainers.

A: Once you enroll, your account will be created in our Learning Management System. From there you will be accessing your classes.

A: Yes, attend first class and if you don’t like the first session, let us know before the starting time of second session and we will refund your fees. If you send us email after 2nd class, no refund will be processed.