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Pakistan’s Most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training Program

Learn how to grow your website’s traffic, sales, revenue, profit and leads using digital marketing through our 5 Months digital marketing training program. The course is the most comprehensive one being offered in Pakistan and you will be taught by industry leading experts via live online classes. Our trainers are CEOs of digital marketing agencies and head of online marketing departments of highly reputable companies in Pakistan. After completing this training program you will be able to generate traffic, sales and increase revenue of almost any business via digital marketing.

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What it is about?

This is a complete digital marketing training program covers A-Z of this domain. You will be taught by industry leading experts who have 10+ years of experience in digital marketing.

In 2017, you cannot grow with only a degree, you need highly-paid skills. Digital marketing is one of the most highly paid skill not only in Pakistan but also all over the World. 

Create your own future today by stepping into one of the fastest growing industries of Pakistan!

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Become Google & Facebook Certified Digital Marketer

For Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Job-Seekers
(Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional)

Covering all 16 modules of digital marketing in 1 training program of 5 months

Digital marketing overview

Learn the foundation of digital marketing along with complete understanding of digital marketing processes

Website creation

You will learn how to create your own website, even if you don’t know how to code. In fact, you will be making your first website with us.

Search Engine Optimization

How to do keyword research and get ranked on the most profitable keywords on Google to get the most targeted traffic.


PPC Advertising & Adwords

How to run profitable paid traffic campaigns on Google adwords and other PPC networks including Facebook ads


Social Media Marketing

Learning how to communicate to your targeted audience via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mobile marketing

Learning how to promote an iOS or Android app to get thousands of downloads that will help you grow your business online.

Display advertising

Understanding the advanced principles of getting targeted traffic from related websites via display advertising.

Email Marketing

Learning the use of both bulk email and solicited email marketing along with automation processes via autoresponders.

Ecommerce Marketing

How to sell products and services online and the basics of building a brand new store that generates sales on constant basis.

Lead Generation

You will learn how to create your own website, even if you don’t know how to code. In fact, you will be making your first website with us.

Content Marketing

Content is the king of internet. Learn by the masters of how to formulate such a content that get attention of both Google and customers.

Online Reputation Management

Learn how to protect the reputation of your business online on both search engine and social media networks.

Google Analytics IQ

Learn how to interpret Google analytics data to make better decisions in your digital marketing campaigns


Blogging is much more than just writing and publishing content, learn how to become a super blogger.


Learn from our master trainers how to start your career as a digital marketing freelancer quickly.

Online Advertising Strategy

Learn from our industry leading trainers on how to formulate a perfect online advertising strategy that will meet your business goals.

Industry Leading Experts

Know Your Instructors

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed


Founder Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan ( Have more than 6 years of digital marketing experience. Worked with international and national companies as a lead generation and digital marketing consultant. His core expertise are lead generation and marketing automation.

Mr. Hamiz

(WordPress Expert)

Hamiz Zulfiqar Ali is a co-trainer at empower Pakistan and an expert in WordPress. He have years of experience in website creation and development in the space of WordPress and is also an experienced wordpress freelancer in different freelanding marketplaces.

Mr Syed Sayem

(Head of Adwords at

He is currently working at Daraz as the Head of AdWords and Performance Marketing handling Marketing budget of more than €500,000 per month. Also Certified in Google Adwords, Bing ads, Hubspot inbound marketing, Youtube Digital Citizen, Google Advance Power Searching and Mircosoft Digital Advertising.

Mr. Basit Rahman

SEO Manager at (Rocket Internet GmbH)

Responsible for managing SEO campaign for Kaymu Pakistan and monitoring SEO for all Kaymu ventures in Asia. have an experience of more than 7 years in digital marketing with a proven track record of acquiring top rankings in Google and other search engines.

Mr. Syed Irfan

Forbes ME Columnist • Content Marketing & PR Consultant • International Keynote Speaker

serial entrepreneur, a boutique marketing agency owner, and an international keynote speaker. I have written for Forbes ME, HuffPost,, SEMrush and several other publications on topics like content marketing, SEO, growth hacking, and personal branding.

Mr Samir Saleem

(Expert in Ecommerce Marketing, Socail Media Marketing and Blogging)

Award winning digital media marketing strategist focusing on ROI and engagement through performance based online marketing. Samir has consulted large FMCG, SMB’s, eCommerce setups, TV channels and insurance companies. He has grown their online presence and revenue by an average of 150% on a MoM basis.

So How Does it Work?

Step 1: Enroll in the training


The training is conducted via instructor-led live classes online, with same level of interaction as a physical class. You can attend this training anywhere from Pakistan. There will be total of 120 hours of instructor-led live sessions. The total duration is 5 months.

We will consider every trainee as a total beginner, so if you have no or little knowledge of Digital marketing, each trainee will be treated as a total beignner. The training content is advanced and will make you an expert even if you have no knowledge of Digital marketing right now.

Step 2: Complete 5 Months Training


Complete your 5 months training and clear 3 exams during the training. We don’t just deliver lectures, but we also check your progress via online exams as well which will also show you how you are progressing in the training program. 

The passing marks of the exams are 60%, which are easily achievable if your attendance at the online classes are full and listened to the lectures with attention. Trainers will also provide you with quizzes and assignments to check your performance. Quizzes and assignments are based on teachers preference.




Once you successfully complete your training and also pass the exam you will earn the status of “Certified Digital Marketing Expert”. How that will help you? First of all, you will have the credibility of a certificate that you can present to your employer or client to be perceived as an expert in their eyes.

You can then use the certification and mention it on your Linkedin profile or on job placement sites as well. The certification is a priceless status and symbol that will help you in all your future endeavors.

What you will get?

When you enroll today for you will get:

  • Enrollment confirmation for 31st October 2018
  • Access to learning Management system
  • 5 Months Training Program
  • 6 Exams
  • Certification
  • Direct access to expert trainers

Course Details


  • Fees: Rs 65,000
  • Training Medium: Instructor-Led Online Live Sessions
  • Duration of Training: 5 Months
  • Average Number of Hours: 120 Hours
  • Installments option: 3 Months installment (T&C Apply)

Next Batch Starting on 31st October 2018








Who Should Learn Digital Marketing 

  • Working Professional 100% 100%
  • Business Owner 100% 100%
  • Startup 100% 100%
  • Digital Marketer 100% 100%
  • Job Seeker 100% 100%
  • Student 100% 100%
I am a Working Professional
This also includes advertising professionals, brand managers and media planners. In 2017, no marketing campaign is complete without proper digital marketing strategy. Every sales and marketing professional must have excellent updated knowledge of digital marketing to create business growth and marketing strategies that will product tangible results for the business. With digital marketing, you could achieve the same results in less than 1 year what you achieved in 5 years with traditional marketing.
I am a Business Owner

As a business owner, sales and revenue should be your main priority. What would happen if you make 5 times more sales and revenue, how would that change your business and life? Digital marketing will help you achieve just that and more. Even if you have small budget for marketing, digital marketing is the best choice you have to reach your customers and audience and make the most sales possible.

I am planning/running a Startup

Go back 10 years and there was not even a word known as “startup”. Why do you think there are more startups today than before? It is because of digital marketing. Most of the startups are low on budget and cannot spend money on TV ads, billboards or newspapers ads. But with digital marketing, they are able to reach their targeted audience at a much faster pace with minmimum budget. If you are planning a startup or are already working on one, we have one suggestion for you: do not ingore digital marketing at any cost!

I am a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry. If you do not update yourself every month, your marketing campaigns will stop to work very soon. Updating yourself is as important as digital marketing itself. Every month search engine algorithims are updated, new ad formats are coming up, new strategies are arising and if you do not keep us with these updates, your campaigns will be out-dated and will perform agaisnt you instead for your business.

I am a job-seeker

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industry in Pakistan as well as all over the World. Ecommerce is expected to hit a Billion Dollar industry by 2020 in Pakistan. Being a digital marketer you are open to apply to Multi-national companies, ecommerce companies, software houses, banks, national brands and digital marketing agencies. So that means you can apply for jobs in almost every company.

I am a Student

In today’s World, every company is looking for a marketer who knows and have experience in digital marketing. How can you beat your competition? Everyone is going for the same Degree as you are. However if you have Digital marketing skill, you will be ahead of your competition, your CVs will be read and replied to and you will have much better chances to crack an interview than other students.

I want to enroll in the Course

Special Features of The Training Program

Live Instructor Led Online Classes


Hands-on Assignments and Exams


Certifiction Training


Industry Leading Expert Trainers


Life-time access to Live Session Recordings



Q: What is the training delivery medium

Training is conducted via live online sessions from inside our learning management system.

Q: Why online classes and not a physical class?

With online classes you will save time and money. Due to traffic situation you may miss a class or a trainer can get stuck in the traffic likewise. Live online classes provide better engagement among the trainers and trainees plus the trainees will get recording of each session unlike in physical class if you are late in a class or miss a class you will be left behind.

Q: What is the duration of the course?

Duration of the training is 5 months, classes are conducted from Tuesday to Thursday (7.30pm – 9.30pm). In total you will have 120 hours live instructor-led online sessions.

Q: Who will be my trainers?

Kindly scroll up, you will see the your trainers.

Q: How do I know if my trainers are qualified?

We encourage you to check their Linkedin Profile and you will see their authority. Every trainer have vast experience in its particular field and is currently involved in the implementation process in the professional world.

Q: What will happen if I miss a class?

That is the beauty of online sessions, you will get recording in case you miss the class. We also encourage to go through the recording at least 2 more times once the session is finished.

Q: Will IDMPakistan provide placement assistance?

We do not provide placement guarantee, however we will assist you in the placement. So will forward you the job opportunities as soon as they arise in our domain.

Q: Will I be able to make money online?

Stop! This is not a make money online course. This is a professional training where you will learn the dynamics of how digital marketing work and use that for your business and career growth.

Q: Is the fees refundable?

You can ask for a refund if you do not like the first live session. No refund request will be accepted once the second live session goes live. For more information call us at 021-32740066


Top 4 queries

What exactly I will learn in this course?

We have the most comprehensive digital marketing course in Pakistan. Not only that, you will be trained by industry experts. You will not be asked to learned definitions, but will be asked to do practical hands-on practice in class. In fact, we will help you build a test website in the class and you will practice everything on that website.

What’s the average starting salary?

It depends on the company. However, if you are fresh candidate you can expect to get a package anywhere from 25,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR.

What happens if I miss any class?

You will be given recording of each live session. In case you miss the class or attend the class late, you will be given recording of the session so you can go through the session again. This is also helpful in case you do not understand any concept in the class, you can learn it again from the recording of that session. Again, it is a perk of doing the online training 🙂

Will I get any certificate on completion?

Yes, you will get one certificate from Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan. You will also get Google + Facebook certificates after passing their exams which we will help you with. However passing the Google & Facebook certificates is based on students will and knowledge. These certificates are recognized all over Pakistan.

What you will get?

When you enroll today for you will get:

  • Enrollment confirmation for 31st October 2018
  • Access to learning Management system
  • 5 Months Training Program
  • 2 Exams
  • Certification
  • Direct access to expert trainers

Course Details


  • Fees: Rs 65,000
  • Training Medium: Instructor-Led Online Live Sessions
  • Duration of Training: 5 Months
  • Average Number of Hours: 120 Hours
  • Installments option: 3 Months installment (T&C Apply)