Become a Certified Adwords Facebook ads Professional

Why You Should Learn Facebook ads?

Regardless of any business you run, be it offline or online, be it a retail store or a service business or if you work in a company who is looking for more customers (who aren’t?) then Facebook ads is the golden ticket for you. No matter who your customers are, they are on Facebook. The best way to reach your audience, capture their interest and bring them to your business is using Facebook advertisements. Learn Facebook ads and you will never have to worry about getting new customers and generating buzz for your business. 

Industry Leading Experts

Know Your Trainers

Mr. Shoaib
Founder of IDMPakistan

Founder of IDMPakistan with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. Author of the book “fast cash injection” published on Amazon. Worked as a digital marketing consultant for companies in Pakistan, USA and other parts of the World. Expert in lead generation, conversion optimization and revenue generation.

Professional Experience Level: 7+ years

Mr. Sarim
Founder, Horizon Softech

He is a full-time entrepreneur and a part time analyzer. Started a software company with two thousand bucks and have successfully converted it into an MNC with having 4+ international teams and presence in 2 continents. His core expertise is social media & growth marketing.

Professional Experience Level: Over 5 years of experience

Mr. Saad Khalid
Google Certified Digital Marketer

Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist with experience in both Social & Search platforms. I am familiar with all the recent SEM, SMM and SEO techniques along with the industry’s best practices. Utilizing multiple online advertisement channels in order to have positive ROI, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Bing etc. across different devices.

Professional Experience Level: less than 5 years

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Special Features of The Training Program

Live Instructor Led Online Classes

Hands-on Assignments and Exams

Certifiction Training

Industry Leading Expert Trainers

Life-time access to Live Session Recordings

Facebook ads Training Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Facebook ads
  • Introduction of Facebook ads
  • Creating your ads account
  • Setting up the account and billing
  • Some cautions for adding billing details
  • Creating a business manager
  • Claiming page on the business manager
  • Setting up the business manager account
Session 2: Introduction of the objectives
  • Facebook ad account overview
  • Learning each objective’s purpose
    • Website conversions
    • Traffic
    • Page post engagement ads
    • Video ads
    • Lead ads
    • Mobile ads (App)
    • Etc
Session 3: Creating Your First Campaign
  • Creating a campaign
    • Targeting from interests
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Geo location
    • setting up target audience
  • Setting up bidding
  • Best practices of bidding
  • What is an auto-bid and manual bid
  • Creating your first ad
  • Writing headline of the ad
    • Best practices
  • Creating the image of the ad
    • Best practices


Session 4: Monitor the performance of the campaign
  • Metrics to look at for a winning or a losing campaign
  • When to stop a campaign
  • When to scale a campaign
    • How to scale a campaign once finding a winner
  • How to increase CTR
  • How to increase relevance score
  • Benchmarks of the metrics
  • Exporting data for analyzing
Session 5: Advanced - Piexls
  • What are Pixels?
  • Creating your pixel
  • Creating event pixels
  • Adding pixels to your website
  • Adding custom conversion event pixels on certain pages of your website
  • Testing the pixels using the plugin
  • Running a campaign of website conversion ads
  • Why run website conversion ads and not traffic campaign?


Session 6: Advanced 2 - Blind Unpublished Posts
  • What are blind unpublished posts
  • How to create a blind post
  • Uses of a blind post
  • Creating ads using a blind post
  • In what situations you should use a blind post
  • Audience insights
  • Finding target audience using audience insights


Session 7: Best practices of Facebook ads + Retargeting
  • Which ads to run when
  • The small secrets that increase the CTR and decrease CPC of the ads
  • Understanding retargeting
  • Power of re-targeting and when to use re-targeting ads on Facebook
  • Creating a re-targeting audience
  • Creating a video ad re-targeting audience based on how much video seen
  • Running a sample re-targeting audience ad


Session 8: Summing it all up
  • Running campaigns
  • Split testing ads
  • Split testing targeting
  • Split testing Landing pages for better conversions
  • Using UTM parameters
  • How not to get banned on Facebook ads
Certification Details

Facebook Blueprint offers official certification. IDMPakistan’s training will help you in clearing the Facebook blueprint certification. However, these certifications are not the part of our training program and do not require any additional cost. You can apply it and take it anytime you want. These certifications will add to your credibility as a digital marketer.

You will receive 1 certificate of completion after you successfully complete the training program. The certificate will be a proof that you learned Search Engine Optimization from a professional training and will help you in your career.

How To Get Facebook ads Certification?

  1. Once you register your enrollment in the training program, you will be given access to IDMPakistan’s learning management system. Inside the learning management system, you will find your live instructor-led classes schedule. With the click of a button on the designated day and time, you will be live with the instructor. Recordings will also be provided to you after the session is finished.
    Days: Tuesday To Thursday
    Timing: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Duration: 8 Live sessions (2 hour per session)
    Venue: Online live sessions, you can attend from anywhere in Pakistan
  2. Upon completing the training, you will have to appear for the exam. The exam is mandatory otherwise certificate will not be issued.
    Passing Marks: 60%

Generate on-demand traffic


Never worry about traffic again. You can just tune-in the ads and the targeted traffic will start flowing on your website. No more waiting days or months.


No Need For Expensive Facebook ads Service


Some people make Facebook ads a lot more complicated than it actually is, and you know why? Because that is there business. They will convince you, that you cannot do Facebook ads because it is complicated. Prove them wrong!


Best source of traffic in 2017


Facebook is the best source of traffic due to its targeting options. You can reach your ideal audience with its precise targeting options at very cheap cost.


No Fake Gurus


Anyone can tell them they are Facebook ads expert, but can they show you the professional experience? Our trainers have more than 10+ years of professional experience and are qualified to train you!


What is the training delivery medium?
Training is conducted via live online sessions from inside our learning management system.
Why Online Classes and not physical classes?
With online classes you will save time and money. Due to traffic situation you may miss a class or a trainer can get stuck in the traffic likewise. Live online classes provide better engagement among the trainers and trainees plus the trainees will get recording of each session unlike in physical class if you are late in a class or miss a class you will be left behind.
What is the duration of the course?
The total number of sessions are 10, each session is 2 hours long and classes are conducted from Tuesday to Thursday (7.30pm – 9.30pm). In total, the duration is approximately 1 month.
Who will be my trainers?
Kindly scroll up, you will see the your trainers.
How do I know if my trainers are qualified?
We encourage you to check their Linkedin Profile and you will see their authority. Every trainer have vast experience in its particular field and is currently involved in the implementation process in the professional world.
What will happen if I miss any class?
That is the beauty of online sessions, you will get recording in case you miss the class. We also encourage to go through the recording at least 2 more times once the session is finished.
Will IDMPakistan provide placement assistance
We do not provide placement guarantee, however we will assist you in the placement. So will forward you the job opportunities as soon as they arise in our domain.
Will I be able to make money online?
Stop! This is not a make money online course. This is a professional SEO training where you will learn the dynamics of how search engines work and use that for your business and career growth.
Will I be able to rank any keyword after going through this training, guaranteed?
You will have complete knowledge of how to rank a keyword on Google. We do not make any guarantees as that depends on trainees dedication, hard work and 72 other factors.

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Become a Certified Facebook ads Expert

Training Certification Fee: 14,999/- PKR (One Time)