Become a Certified Search Engine Marketer Today

When You Finish Training You Will Be Able To Generate FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC For Your Business From Google


Do you think you can grow your business without SEO?

Do you think SEO is dead or not important?

Do you believe that Free organic traffic from Google does not convert into sales?

Nope! SEO is extremely important fot your business growth but it has changed.

After Google Panda and Penguin, the old rules of SEO does not apply. So if you are doing the same thing in 2017 which you were doing in 2015, SEO will not work for you. Now SEO is more about user expeirence than just creating backlinks and mentioning keywords in your website.

If your content is not optimzied based on user intent, Google will not reward you with perminent top Google listings. 

It is called: IBSO (Intent based search marketing)

Here’s the process of SEO in 2017″

Step 1: Before IBSO, it used to be keyword research as step 1, now you have to identify the intent and context of the user. 

Step 2: Keyword research based on user intent and context (this is a very complex task, but it will become easy once you have the right knowledge and tools to do it).

Step 3: Making your website Google friendly is not enough. In 2017, you cannot just stuff keywords and pray to God that Google will rank your keywords, it will not happen. You will have to on-page SEO will keeping the user experience in mind.

Step 4: It is time to do off-page SEO and create relevant content + backlinks for your website. Again, it is not enough to just create backlinks. Your link building strategy must be done on releavnt, authority and credible websites along with keyword diversity in mind. 

It all seems very complicated, isn’t it?

However, once you have the right knowledge and understanding of SEO priciples it will be just like driving a car. However, before you drive, you need license and knowledge.



Majority of Your Customers Make a Google Search Before Deciding To Buy, If You Are Not in Top 3 of Google, You Will Lose them



Right now there are customers who have cash in their hand, searching on Google, looking to buy your product or service, and if they don’t find you on Google page 1, they will buy it from your competitor.

I must say this to you… Search Engine Optimization is: Unavoidabe

You must be asking this question, why I should learn SEO when I can outsource it someone else?

Let me answer you that, most marketers are still applying strategies of 2015, because they are not updated. Once you hand-over your website for SEO to someone else, you must be 100% sure that they are updated and there is no surefire way to find out.

Isn’t it better that you learn SEO and do it for your business, rather than relying on someone else who might damage your website on Google? Or if you want to outsource SEO, you should first learn SEO so that you will know if there is something wrong being done on your website.

Becoming a Certified SEO Expert is no more a choice for your business, it is a must.

In the training program, you will learn:

  • How search engines work and how to do intent-based keyword research to unvocer keywords that will bring in sales for your business
  • How SERP works and how to analyze competition for a particular keyword to see if the keyword is easily rankable or otherwise.
  • All about keywords, keyword types and usage of keywords
  • How to on-page SEO while keeping the user experience in mind. On-page SEO will consist of everything from meta-tags to image optimization to keyword density to internal linking of pages etc.
  • Which plugins will make your life easier as a Search Engine Optimizer
  • How to do off-page SEO in detail
  • SEO is all about creating trust, you will learn how to create trust using content, age, authority and relevancy
  • How to be safe from Google updates like Panda and Penguin
  • How to recover your website from Google penalty
  • And Much Much more…


Okay, But Who Will Teach Me SEO?

One word… MASTERS.


You will be taught by trainers who have spent 7+ years in Digital Marketing and have a success record. These trainers are operating their own digital marketing agencies, working as SEO managers in multi-national companies and have years of practical implementation experience under their belt.


So let me show you who your trainers will be…



Industry Leading Experts

Know Your Trainers

Mr. Basit Rahman
SEO Manager at (Rocket Internet GmbH)

Responsible for managing SEO campaign for Kaymu Pakistan and monitoring SEO for all Kaymu ventures in Asia. have an experience of more than 7 years in digital marketing with a proven track record of acquiring top rankings in Google and other search engines.

Professional Experience Level: 7+ years
Linkedin Profile:

So How Does it Work?

Step 1: Enroll in the training

The training is conducted via instructor-led live classes online, with same level of interaction as a physical class. You can attend this training anywhere from Pakistan. There will be total of 10 instructor-led live sessions of 2 hours each. The sessions can be increased based on trainer’s prefernece.

We will consider every trainee as a total beginner, so if you have no or little knowledge of SEO, each trainee will be treated as a total beignner. The training content is advanced and will make you an expert even if you have no knowledge of SEO right now.

Step 2: Pass the Exam

At the end of the training, exam will be conducted online. Every question will be from the course syllabus and you knowledge will be tested of what you learned in the training. Exam will be held online inside our learning management system. 

The passing marks are 60%, which are easily achievable if you attendence at the online classes are full and listened to the lectures with attention. Trainers will also provide you with quizzes and assignments to check your performance. Quizzes and assignments are based on teachers preference.


Once you successfully complete your training and also pass the exam you will earn the status of “Certified SEO Expert”. How that will help you? First of all, you will have the credibility of a certificate that you can present to your employer or client to be perceived as an expert in their eyes.

You can then use the certification and mention it on your Linkedin profile or on job placement sites as well. The certification is a priceless status and symbol that will help you in all your future endeavors.

What you will get?

When you enroll today for you will get:

  • Enrollment confirmation for 4th July Batch
  • Given access to learning Management system
  • Access to 10 instructor-led Live Sessions
  • 1 Final Exam
  • Certification in SEO
  • Access to expert trainers

Course Details


  • Fees: Rs 14,999
  • Training Medium: Instructor-Led Online Live Sessions
  • Number of Sessions: 10 Live sessions
  • Duration of Session: 2 Hours
  • Total Duration: Approx 1 Month
  • Classes: Saturday & Sunday

Next Batch Starting on 8th July Batch (Limited to 30 Enrollments)








Special Features of The Training Program

Live Instructor Led Online Classes

Hands-on Assignments and Exams

Certifiction Training

Industry Leading Expert Trainers

Life-time access to Live Session Recordings

SEO Training Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • How Search engines work
  • SEO opportunitues
  • What is SEO
  • Introduction to DA, PA & PR
  • Understanding on-page SEO and off-page SEO
  • Understanding SERPs
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword research with tools (Google Planner & other tools)
  • Latent Semantic indexing
Session 2: Keyword Research
  • Further usage of keyword tools
  • Keyword match types
  • Finding best keywords for your website
  • Analyzing competitor’s on SERPs (LIVE)
  • Analyzing competitors website
  • What factors to look when analyzing competition
Session 3: On-Page SEO
  • Anatomy of a SEO friendly website
  • Installing and configuring Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Optimizing Metas, Titles, URLs & content
  • Image optimization
  • Keyword density and proximity in content
  • Internal linking
  • Optimizing HTML Tags
Session 4: On-Page SEO Continued...
  • Understanding Robots.txt and its function
  • Meta Robots
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Crawl errors (404 etc)
  • Redirects
  • Optimizing an article for both Google and visitor
  • Rel-connonical URLs and its function
Session 5: Off-Page SEO
  • Recaping what is Off-page SEO
  • Importance of trust
  • Creating trust through content, age, relevancy and authority
  • Understanding backlinks
  • Understanding link building strategies
Session 6: On-Page SEO Continued...
  • Link building best practices
  • Sources of backlinks (PR, Articles, Blog networks, Videos, Web 2.0’s, forums etc)
  • Anchor text and diversity
  • Do-follow vs no-follow backlinks
  • Local business listing
  • Content marketing (guest blogging and press releases)
  • Freshness factor
  • Competitor analysis
Session 7: Advanced SEO
  • Understanding Google Updates
  • Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird & Pigeon updates
  • Google Mobile first index update
  • How to be safe from Google updates
  • Google mobile freshness factor
  • Google mobile first index update
Session 8: Advanced SEO Continued...
  • Cannonicalization factors
  • Google search parameters for SEO
  • Rank Brain
  • Page load speed and its importance
  • Whois, domain age and IP
  • SERP impressions, CTR, bounce rate and POGO sticking
  • and Rich snippets
  • Featured snippets
  • Google’s 200 ranking factors
Session 9: Google update & Social media
  • Disavow poor quality links
  • Google tag manager
  • Facebook opengraphs
  • Twitter cards
  • Mobile SEO
  • Useful SEO tools
Bonus Session 10: Google Analytics IQ
  • How to track traffic on Google analytics
  • Track keywords on Google analytics
  • Setting goals
  • Tracking campaigns with UTM parameters
  • Understanding UTM parameters
  • Important SEO metrics inside Google Analytics

Certification Details

Google offers multiple certifications, IDMPakistan’s training will help you in clearing following Google certifications. However, these certifications are not the part of our training program and do not require any additional cost. You can apply it and take it anytime you want. These certifications will add to your credibility as a digital marketer.

You will receive 1 certificate of completion after you successfully complete the training program. The certificate will be a proof that you learned Search Engine Optimization from a professional training and will help you in your career.

Become a Certified SEO Expert Today


No More Stuggling For Traffic

Never worry about traffic again. With your websites ranking on the top of Google, you will always be enjoying targeted flood of traffic on your website 24/7, for Free.


No Need For Any Expensive SEO Service

Some people make SEO a lot more complicated than it actually is, and you know why? Because that is there business. They will convince you, that you cannot do SEO because it is complicated. Prove them wrong!


No More Worrying about ranking a website

After completing the training, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge to rank your website on the top of Google. Follow the training, keep your practice hat on and you will be hitting that first position on Google.


No Fake Gurus

Anyone can tell them they are SEO expert, but can they show you the professional experience? Our trainers have more than 10+ years of professional experience and are qualified to train you!


Q: What is the training delivery medium

Training is conducted via live online sessions from inside our learning management system.

Q: Why online classes and not a physical class?

With online classes you will save time and money. Due to traffic situation you may miss a class or a trainer can get stuck in the traffic likewise. Live online classes provide better engagement among the trainers and trainees plus the trainees will get recording of each session unlike in physical class if you are late in a class or miss a class you will be left behind.

Q: What is the duration of the course?

The total number of sessions are 10, each session is 2 hours long and classes are conducted from Saturday & Sunday (2.30pm to 4.30pm). In total, the duration is approximately 1 month.

Q: Who will be my trainers?

Kindly scroll up, you will see the your trainers.

Q: How do I know if my trainers are qualified?

We encourage you to check their Linkedin Profile and you will see their authority. Every trainer have vast experience in its particular field and is currently involved in the implementation process in the professional world.

Q: What will happen if I miss a class?

That is the beauty of online sessions, you will get recording in case you miss the class. We also encourage to go through the recording at least 2 more times once the session is finished.

Q: Will IDMPakistan provide placement assistance?

We do not provide placement guarantee, however we will assist you in the placement. So will forward you the job opportunities as soon as they arise in our domain.

Q: Will I be able to make money online?

Stop! This is not a make money online course. This is a professional SEO training where you will learn the dynamics of how search engines work and use that for your business and career growth.

Q: Will I get results guaranteed?

You will have complete knowledge of how to rank a keyword on Google. We do not make any guarantees as that depends on trainees dedication, hard work and 72 other factors.

Next Batch Starting on 8th July (Limited to 30 Enrollments)








Become a Certified SEO Expert

Training Certification Fee: 14,999/= PKR (One Time)

Is there any money back guarantee?
Yes you can ask your money back after first live session and before the starting of 2nd live session.