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And Earn Rs 10,000 Commission on Every 1+ Confirmed Enrollment*

(Rs 4000 commission on 1st sale and Rs 10,000+ one every sale onwards)

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Create your account as an affiliate by going here. Once approved you will be given a unique link.

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Earn Rs 10,000 on every sale*

As soon as someone enrolls from your affiliate link and submits his/her fee to IDMPakistan. You will earn Rs 10,000 commission.

More than just commissions

Send 50+ enrollments in a month

Earn a return ticket to Turkey

Send 100+ enrollments in a month

Get Brand New Suzuki Alto

How Much You Can Earn?

Rs 4,000 Flat commission

Total Earnings: Rs 4000 (First sale) + Rs 90,000 (Remaining 9 sales)

Total Earnings:Total Earnings: Rs 4000 (First sale) + Rs 190,000 (Remaining 19 sales)

Total Earnings: Rs 4000 (First sale) + Rs 490,000 (Remaining 49 sales) + Return ticket to Turkey

Total Earnings: Rs 4000 (First sale) + Rs 990,000 (Remaining 99 sales) + Brand New Suzuki Alto

Affiliate Question & Answers (Must Read Before Signing Up)

What is an affiliate program?

A website owner or individual who promotes someone’s business(s) (products or services) in return for a commission payment once a sale has been generated.

What IDMPakistan do?

IDMPakistan brings the most advanced digital marketing course where you can learn from easy and highly interactive instructor-led online classes. We don’t believe in recorded classes as digital marketing is always evolving and hence requires instructor-led live sessions.

How much you can earn in this program?*

You will earn Rs 10,000 Flat commission on every 1+ enrollment.

Please understand this:

If you send us only 1 confirmed enrollment in a month you will earn Rs 4,000 commission. However if you send us 2 confirmed enrollments, you will earn Rs 14,000 commission. Once you send us second enrollment of the month your commission structure changes to Flat Rs 10,000 for that month for every enrollment excluding the first one. If there is any confusion please contact us at

How will I get paid?

We pay out commissions on 14th and 28th of every month. Commissions generated between 1st till 13th will be paid out on 14th and commissions generated between 14th till 27th will be paid out on 28th.

How much can I earn?

The more you promote, the more you earn.

Will I get commission as soon as someone enrolls at IDMPakistan's website?

No. You will be paid for every confirmed enrollment.

What is a confirmed enrollment?

Someone who enrolls, pays the fee (in either one go, 2 installments or 3 installments) and do not ask for refund before the 2nd live class.

So if someone pays IDMPakistan for the training and asks the refund before the 2nd live class, commission will not be credited to your account.

Also, if someone pays fee less than Rs 23,000 (if he/she enrolled in 3 installments), you will not be credited for the commission until he/she pays her remaining installment.

How to promote IDMPakistan?

We have recorded a training where we teach you plenty of ways to promote IDMPakistan’s training. You can watch the training here:

Account Cancellation And Fraudulent Activity

IDMPakistan will cancel your account immediately if any fraudulent activity is noticed in sending the referrals. Plus for any paid amount, FIR will be lodged for recovery.