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Commulative Feedback Results: 9.1/10

Success Stories of Our Students

I got a raise in my current job, got 2 international clients, started a digital marketing blog and a shoes online store after completing this course and would definitely recommend IDMPakistan to anyone who wants to learn digital marketring.

-Mr Iftikhar Anjum

What I learned in IDMPakistan in 5 months, I never learned that much in my whole life. The training, tools, trainers and support are priceless. IDMPakistan should increase the fee of the course. And I definitely recommend everyone to join IDMPakistan.

-Mr Haroon

I have got so many orders from freelancing marketplaces that I had to stop the projects. I also ranked a website on top of Google and also planning on doing many big projects. IDMPakistan provides the best opportunity for those females to learn digital marketing and start earning from home.

-Ms Ambreen

A journey from dependence to an independent life, Kashaf Naseer is empowering the world with her freelancing skills! Proud to see Kashaf Naseer soaring high and making dollars from international clients. All IDM Pakistan trainers and the team wishes you all the best in your continued success. Keep shining, Kashaf! đź’«

-Ms Kashaf

Since completing his digital marketing course at IDMPakistan, Usman has started out a successful career in eCommerce, where he's been profiting through selling desi ghee. Not stopping there, he ventured into the exciting world of affiliate marketing and generated sales. Along with these endeavors, he's also serving WordPress clients, further diversifying his digital marketing prowess.

-Mr Usman

Empowering the world with her freelancing skills! Proud to see Sadia Adeel soaring high and making dollars from international clients. All Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan trainers and team wishes you all the best on your continued success. Keep shining, Sadia! đź’«

-Mrs Saadia Adeel

One of IDMPakistan's student, Hafiz Abdul Basit has successfully generated over Rs.1 Crore in sales. He has made 60+ local and international websites and is successfully running multiple Ecommerce stores.

-Mr Abdul Basit

A student of IDMPakistan from Swabi made it Alhamdulillah.

-Mr Rahil

Learn how Adnan is making Rs 500,000/month from SEO.

-Ms Sadaf

Here is one of our inspiring young student who is just 19 years old from Mianwali and earning over 3 lacs every single month with freelancing.

-Mr Aizaz

Here is one of our inspiring female student who launched her online Women Hygiene Business ( and is making almost 10 lakhs sales every single month.

-Mr Adnan

Here is one of our inspiring student who is 20 years old and made 20 lakhs in 2 months using Instagram with his local Ecommerce store.

-Mr Uzair

I have now started my own website, an online store, running advertisements on Facebook and have big plans for future and my course is still not finished! I highly recommend IDMPakistan and give it 9/10 rating!

-Mr Noman Ahmed

I got 500 new clients for my business in just 25 days and we had to stop marketing because we were not able to handle that many clients and I have already recommended IDMPakistan to a lot of people in my circle.

-Mr Khalid Baig

Trainers at IDMPakistan are very professional and they teach every thing practically. After 2.5 months in this course, I have already started growing my businesses. Thanks to IDMPakistan.

-Mr Irfan Lari

Shahrukh Niazi

Electrical Engineer

A1 :  Hi everyone! This is Shah Rukh Niazi. I have been graduated as an Electrical Engineer from FAST University in Decemeber, 2017. By taking the first step in the professional life, like everyone else, I had no clue what to do next. I have started surfing all over the internet. In January I have been told about IDM Pakistan by a friend of mine and I got interested to find out more about this institution. And (O MY MY) what a humble person he is,  The CEO Mr Shoaib Ahmed, He gave all the answers to my questions and assured me that the experience would be worth it. On February 20th, I took a first step to start this amazing experience.

A2. :   Firstly, It was referred by a friend of mine.
Secondly, I compared this institution with all the other Digital Marketing institutions around the country. Later I found out that they had the most detailed curriculum and covered everything one has to know about.  The faculty they have has no comparison in terms of knowledge, experience and attitude.   

A3: The Journey with this institution has been amazing. I was a layman on 20th February and today I can discuss on this field with anyone for hours. The faculty here gives every student a chance to ask their questions and encourages them.

A6.:  IDM team is very professional & very cooperative in any manner. I like their efforts & support to all students/trainees.

Haroon Shaikh

SAP Engineer at Engro Pakistan

Saw Facebook Add on my timeline. Took the 1 hour prologue from Mr Shoaib and then decided to give it a go as digital marketing is the next big thing
In this scenario I decided to look in the medium and and joined IDMP.

Excellent so far. very interesting and very good learning. Hoping that it remains excellent throughout.

yes offcourse. already doing it to many of my friends

1. I know what digital marketing is and how its done. now i can market anything to anyone
2. I know how to make a website and make it SEO friendly. i always wanted to learn it but never got the time or skills. but now i can do it easily

Iftikhar Anjum

Director Marketing in Central Group of Colleges ,Lahore.

A1 : I am working as a Director Marketing in Central Group of Colleges ,Lahore. I have more than 15 years of practical experience. Recently i have given an additional charge of Head of Digital transformation.

In this scenario I decided to look in the medium and and joined IDMP.

 A5:The Best training institute in Pakistan for Digital Marketing.The teachers are experienced and the management is so responsive.


Abdul Rauf

Software Developer

In coming days people connection with digital media will enhance and mostly business will move on with Digitally as well as physical business.
In this scenario I decided to look in the medium and and joined IDMP.

It is too good and full of excitement. In each class our trainers motivate us to do something new in Digital Industry. I wish to follow those motivations in our real life.

It is my first experience to join any digital institute. So I can say IDMP is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute of Pakistan.

Yes sure, I would recommend to all fresh students to join this institute and learn how we can get entered in Digital Media industry.

I can create my own website 
I can promote any sort of business though Social Media  I can make my website google friendly and try to make it 1 rank website through On page, Off Page and Technical SEO

Rashid Saeed Qureshi

CEO at Leaf gardening

I started online store of gardening on Sept 2017, i know nothing about online / e-commerce. I started my online store from Daraz and then i make my website. As i know nothing about online business so i depend on freelancer where i don’t get good response, so i decided to learn digital marketing first to grow my online business.

It was really a good experience, due to some of my observations.

1: Online class helps me to take my class anywhere without a hassle to go any particular place on a specific time.
2: All sessions are recorded so it helps me to listen any lecture at any time if nothing is understandable for me.
3: Teachers corporation after their schedule classes is priceless.

Highly recommended and i recommend two of my friends they also recently started online business

Usman Mumtaz

Graphics Designer

To do/learn something new… and try to excel in life

It is great to have you people on board, you people are doing a great job… I started to learn IDM course with a passion, but in the middle of course I lost my way… I am trying to connect the dots… and i am hopeful i will able to do so… IN SHA ALLAH.

Website development, eCommerce store, and doing SMM & SEO for same, its a complete package… But as i mentioned earlier that i lost my way in middle of course, and i want to utilize this opportunity for my self and my loving family… I  often need a push to kick start, and i am looking for this push at this point….
“Hats Off” to you guys… for providing such an opportunity. 

Mazhar Hussain

Engineer at Sisco

Sultan Ahmed

Communications Consultant

I was inspired by the initial video shared by the director

It was a great learning experience. Explored many things about DM. Being a user of social media, I did not have much awareness about the real power of social media. It was a great learning experience.

Understood the hidden power of social media such as face book

Realized the importance of online business and techniques

Masroor Khan

Web Developer

I need to start my online store. I already take some classes form other teacher who teach DM but they are not  professionals. After watching webinar, visit site and trainers are professional .I fee you cover all aspects of DM. Its very helpful for me

i learn many thing and do different experiment on my site. i explore those things that not teach in course teachers remove my hesitation.

I already recommend those people who are inserted in DM or start a new career  .

free plugins for wp
teachers help after completion of course

Azhar Farooq

CEO At The Xpert Services

I was trying to do something good for the sake of my business in which i could improve my business, than i was IDM’s learning program and after that i should join

This is a very good experience.! We are seeing a lot of new and quite advanced. and trying to learn. we are getting a lot of learning

I have learn a lot. now i am trying to improve my business all programs are quite helpful.
but there are some problem too when we are working, we need the help that which can not be found later, then our interest ends, and after that the thing can not be learned. 

Rashad Qamar

School Owner

The Content you offered in the Demo class is fabulous and trainer profile was impressive these was the things and points that attract me to join the course.

Journey with he IDMPakistan was very good till the time and im enjoying my learning and understanding the concepts very well

1. Infinity Knowledge
2. Confidence to do something

Hassan Zubairi

sales executive At

Trainers’ profiles are good. Its course outline is made up to the mark.

I enjoyed and learned according to my expectations. Had a very very nice journey.

Sure. I did recommendations to many of my mates and colleagues from different industries.

It is the best gateway to enter in Digital marketing field from traditional marketing. It was the right decision on the right time to have this course to put my efforts in my field of interest.

Mr Asif Hameed

Marketing Manager, Marksman Advertising

A1. I am working as Manager Creative & Digital Media Marketer at Marksman Advertising.

A2.  IDM Pakistan Course Outline is great. which cover complete digital marketing field.

A3.  Its my first experience of online learning and it is amazing way of teaching. Most important thing is IDM Pakistan teach us each & everything necessary for Digital Marketing. Learning experience was awesome.

A5. Obviously, its a great place to learn Digital Marketing.

A6. Helpful Platform for beginners.

Muhammad Naeem

IT professionals

A1 :I am a IT professional and working in the industry from last 8 to 10 years..

A2. :   Firstly, It was referred by a friend of mine.

A3: I have learnt a lot from IDM trainers, they are very experienced and professionals. I like the way of training & use of technology is very much impressive for me.

A4 : On a scale of 1 to 10. My rating will definitely be 10, 10, 10.A3: The Journey with this institution has been amazing. I was a layman on 20th February and today I can discuss on this field with anyone for hours. The faculty here gives every student a chance to ask their questions and encourages them.

A5 : I will recommend IDM Pakistan to every person who thinks he/she has the potential to do work in the field of Digital Marketing.
Trust me PEOPLE, You are going to thank me Later :p.

A6.:  IDM team is very professional & very cooperative in any manner. I like their efforts & support to all students/trainees.

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