Module 5:

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to get profitable, consistent & cheap traffic from Social Media platform

What You Will Learn in This Module?

Social media marketing does not only mean posting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Google plus. The real social media marketing is a planned strategy that enhances growth of your business with every post you make in social media. Learn how to create effective branding campaigns on social media that promotes your brand to a whole new level.


Meet Your Trainer

Tayyab Jamil


Facebook ads, Local PL, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, FB Marketplace

Experence Level:

5+ Years

Why Learn From Tayyab Jamil:

He is an expert Facebook ads expert who have generated consistent sales and conversions from ads. He have been working on Facebook ads for number of Businesses, E-commerce Stores, Drop-shipping stores, Credit Repair Companies, Real Estate etc helping them to find new customers & grow exponentially

Why You Should Learn Social Media Marketing

Improve Brand Loyality
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Increased Inbound Traffic
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Rich Customer experience
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Profitable Advertising
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What is Socal Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to gaining attention of your prospects and customers through social media sites by the use of both free (organic) marketing as well as paid advertising


Our Teaching Process

It all starts with having goals and vision of your social media marketing strategy, then moving on to having content marketing mix on the top social media sites as well as knowing when and how to advertise using paid adverts



You will be able to generate buzz, product relevant content, stir engaging conversations and run profitable ads on socail media platforms that will do much more than just product sales for your business


We believe in transparency

Social Media Marketing is just 1 module out of total 16 modules mentioned below

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Learn the foundation of digital marketing with complete understanding of digital marketing processes.

Module 2: Website Planning & Creation

You will learn how to make your own professional website. There is no need for you to have any coding knowledge.

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization

You will learn how to do keyword research and rank on the top of Google for the most profitable keywords.

Module 4: PPC & Google Ads

You will learn how to run profitable campaigns on Google ads that will generate sales for your business.

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

Learn how to communicate to your audience in a way that will generate sales on social media.

Module 6: ASO - App Store Optimization

Learn how to market your app on both IOS app store and Google play store to get top rankings

Module 7: Display Advertising

Understand the strategies that will help you generate massive traffic from banner advertising ads.

Module 8: Email

Learn the most advanced techniques of email marketing that will generate consistent sales for you.

Module 9: Ecommerce Mark

Learn how to start and successfully establish your own E-commerce business in Pakistan.

Module 10: Lead Generation

Learn how to generate leads from all advertising platforms like Facebook, Google & Youtube.

Module 11: Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to do keyword research and rank on the top of Google for the most profitable keywords.

Module 12: Sales Funnels

It’s time to learn how to build sales funnels for your business so you can enjoy sales 24/7.

Module 13: Google Analytics

Learn how to properly read Google Analytics data to make better decisions for your campaigns.

Module 14: Blogging & Adsense

Have a flair of writing? Learn how you can start a blogging career that is both fullfilling & lucrative.

Module 15: Earning From Freelancing

Learn how to get both local and international freelancing projects after the course completion.

Module 16: Online Ad Strategies

It’s all about the strategy. Learn how to make digital marketing ad strategies that will produce results.

Learn How You Can Make More Money, Get More Customers & Get a Dream Job With Digital Marketing

Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

This course covers A-to-Z of digital marketing. It starts from the very basic (website creation) and goes to the very advanced stuff where you will be learning about customer behaviours, A/B testing, running online ads, creating brand awareness and much more!

It depends on the company. However, if you are fresh candidate you can expect to get a package anywhere from 25,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR.

The beauty of our course is that your classes are conducted via instructor-led live online sessions. And every live session is recorded and uploaded in your learning portal the very next day by 12:00 pm.

Yes, you will get one certificate from Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan. You will also get Google + Facebook certificates after passing their exams which we will help you with. These certificates are recognized all over Pakistan.

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